Final Fantasy XIV launches its special site for patch 6.5, Growing Light

There are problems with this art, but we're going to overlook that.

Later this month will see the announcement of when patch 6.5, Growing Light, will arrive for Final Fantasy XIV (although we know it’s early in October). This is all expected information, and so it’s also kind of expected that the special site for the patch will be live now with a listing of the patch features. But ahead of Naoki Yoshida explaining what is happening with the patch at the Tokyo Game Show, it’s a nice chance to compare notes and get ready for what will be on display when that next live letter happens.

Players can also start getting ready for new additions to Island Sanctuaries, the expected new dungeon and trial, and the final installment of the Myths of the Realm series, Thaleia. There’s also a new Ultimate trial and further improvements like ongoing Hildibrand content coming with 6.55, but that’s a bit further away. For now, just take a look at the feature rundown and prepare to be eating well as a fan in October between the new patch and the second fan festival later in the month.

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