WildStar’s massive INVASION: Nexus patch is live


Do you want a pet? Do you want to take on some contracts? Are you excited to play around with an expanded wardrobe? Is it time for a new raid? Literally all of these things are contained in the latest WildStar patch that’s just hit the live servers. No, really, all of them; we have a tendency to list one humorous item on the list at the end, but this time they’re all in there. They’re focal points, even.

As revealed in the full patch notes, the update contains various other quality-of-life fixes including more consistent gold rewards from Shiphand missions and a material vendor allowing players to trade lesser materials for higher-tier ones. Enjoy all of the new features live in the game right now, or in the next several hours, depending on your work schedule. Surprise!

[Source: Patch thread, patch notes, patch hub]
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