E3 2017: Destiny 2 is launching September 6 on consoles, October 24 on PC

The launch dates for Bungie’s highly anticipated Destiny 2 have been revealed, and PC players are going to need an extra-large dose of patience when they hear the news.

The scifi sequel is rolling out globally to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on September 6th, while the PC edition is slated for nearly two months later on October 24th. Just because PC players are going to have to wait until almost Halloween to pick up the title doesn’t mean they can’t preorder it right now on the Blizzard Launcher. It’s so thoughtful of the companies involved, don’t you think?

To rub salt in the wounds, PlayStation 4 will be the recipient of “timed exclusives” at its launch, including a multiplayer map, a three-player strike, specialized gear sets, and an exotic weapon.

In addition to confirming the launch date, Bungie announced at E3 2017 this week that the console beta is coming in July (July 18th for PS4 and July 19 for Xbone). Again, PC players are going to have to sit on their hands, since that beta isn’t scheduled until “late August.”

Bungie also revealed a staff-using melee fighter called the Arcstrider Hunter at the trade show. Destiny 2 will retail for $60 for the standard edition, $90 if you want to bundle in an expansion pass, $100 for the digital deluxe version, $100 for the limited edition, and a staggering $250 for the physical collector’s edition.

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