Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s derelict ships’ Firefly and Star Wars inspiration (July 15, 2017)


This week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen released a new cinematic trailer featuring characters checking out derelict ships in-game, both on the surface and in space. Note the scope of the vessels, voiceovers, music, and female toons (finally!), not to mention the distinct Star Wars/Jakku vibe and Firefly inspiration.

Meanwhile, Crowfall talked up its building parts, Valiance Online teased its alpha, and Brad McQuaid mused on Pantheon’s philosophy.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding over the last week and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on.

Star Citizen cinematic

Recent MMO crowdfunding news

SOTA’s Richard Garriott

Campaigns and crowdfunded MMOs we’re watching

3001SQ (Société des Mondes Virtuels) – Kickstarter unsuccessful. Work continues.
AdventureQuest 3D (Artix Entertainment) – Raised 368k; beta began Oct 2016.
Antraxx (Team Antraxx) – Kickstarter canceled.
Ascent: The Space Game (Fluffy Kitten Studios) – Successful KS. Fully launched 2016.
Ashes of Creation (Intrepid Studios) – Successful KS.
Broke Protocol (Cylinder) – Unsuccessful KS. In free early access.
Camelot Unchained
(City State) – Kickstarter successful; open donations/packages.
Caribbean Conquest (Invenio) – First KS canceled, second ended unsuccessfully.
Contested Space (Zon)
Crowfall (ArtCraft) – Kickstarter win, open packages, Indiegogo crowdfunding ongoing.
Chronicles of Elyria (Soulbound) – Kickstarter successful, open packages.
Citadel of Sorcery (MMO Magic, Inc.) – Open donations.
City of Titans (Missing Worlds Media) – Successful KS; launch planned for fall 2018.
Descent Underground (Descendent Studios) – Successful KS.
Divergence Online (Stained Glass Llama) – Three campaigns; now in KS early access.
Dogma: Eternal Night
(Prelude Games Factory): Kickstarter overdonor preorder packs.
Dragon of Legends (Thrive Games) – Successful Kickstarter.
Dual Universe (Novaquark) – Kickstarter funded, now has donor platform. Alpha delayed.
Eco (Strange Loop Games) – Funded, now in alpha.
Edengrad (Huckleberry Games) – Kickstarter funded; in early access.
Elite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments) – Funded and launched.
Empyrion Online (Eleon) – Kickstarter canceled; launched on Steam early access.
Epic Space (
Ever, Jane (3 Turn Productions) – Now in open beta.
Global Adventures (SubaGames) – Kickstarter ends July 30.
Gloria Victis (Black Eye Games) – Open donations, no end date; in early access.
Greed Monger (Greed Monger) – Abandoned, multiple times now.
Grim Dawn (Crate Entertainment) – Funded and launched.
Guns of Icarus (Muse) – Funded and launched.
Hero’s Song (Pixelmage) – KS canceled; Indiegogo. Canceled w/ refunds.
Infinity: Battlescape (I-Novae Studios)
HEX (HEX Entertainment) – Funded and launched.
Legends of Aria (Citadel Studios) – Kickstarted as Shards Online. Currently in alpha.
Life is Feudal (Bitbox): Indiegogo ended. Currently in beta.
LUX (Chimera) – Kickstarter canceled.
Maestros of the Anthymn (String Theory) – Kickstarter canceled.
Mekria (Infinity Online Studios) – Kickstarter canceled.
Midair (Archetype Studios) – Kickstarter successful.
Nebula Online (Mizar Games) Kickstarter canceled; launched in November.
Neo’s Land (NeoJac Entertainment) – Open donations, no end date.
Novus AEterno (Taitale Studios)
OrbusVR (Ad Alternum) – KS funded March 2017.
Overpower (Hydrant Games) – Kickstarter unfunded; heading to early access.
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Visionary Realms) – Open donations, no end date.
Pathfinder Online (GoblinWorks) – Doom, mostly.
Planet Nomads (Craneballs) – Kickstarted, early access launched sans multiplayer.
Pixel Starships (SavySoda)
Project Gorgon (Elder Game) – Kickstarted in three tries + Indiegogo. In alpha.
Pumpkin Online (Monique) – Downgrading from MMORPG.
The Exiled (Fairytale Distillery) – fka Das Tal; 2015 KS unsuccesful. In Steam early access.
The Realm: Reawakened (Stephen Nichols) – Ongoing GoFundMe.
The Repopulation (Idea Fabrik) – Kickstarted twice by A&B. Back in alpha
ROKH (Darewise) – Kickstarter canceled; now in early access.
RUiN (Tarhead Studio) – Kickstarter successful.
The Stomping Land (Alex Fundora) – Abandoned.
Sacrament (Ferocity Unbound) – Kickstarter failed; Patreon ongoing.
Shadow’s Kiss (Clockwork Throne) – Ongoing Patreon.
Shroud of the Avatar (Portalarium) – Successful KS. Soft launch July 2016.
Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium) – Ongoing donations/packages.
TUG (Nerd Kingdom) – In middle of year-long revamp after funding surge.
Vigor Roads (NeuronHaze) – Kickstarter unsuccessful; early access planned for 2017.

Crowfall’s LEGO pieces

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Tarka Roshe

Always enjoy watching that “Lost and Found” vid. Love the voice over work (I recognise the first voice, but can’t place it). And the vista shots are awesome.


So this article inspired me to patch up SC after maybe a 6 month hiatus. The progress since last time I logged is was very evident. Really starting to feel like an MMO. Guy hijacked my ship with me on it. He’s flying in space. I make my way to bridge. Walk up behind him and shoot him in the head. MY SHIP! I explored a dilapidated space station. The atmosphere created by the music and visuals was right out of a great film. Spent a good hour exploring. got into a couple firefights with other players. So damn fun. Anyway, very impressed. Performance was excellent. No crashes. Multiple encounters with other players. World is really coming alive.

Joe Blobers

Good to hear you had a great experience… with no crash :)

Hopefully Delta Patcher (may be in 3.0) will allow more people to download upcoming patch (30Gb are not for every connection) and more important, we are going to benefit of Planet/Moons + new locations and a bit of transport and trade.
As you say, a world is coming to life and we have the chance to see it as close our backers status allow it.


Yeah I really can’t wait for 3.0 now.

Darkwalker75 .

Nice to hear you enjoyed it and had a good time.
Will be trying out the game once I get a new SSD installed and my HOTAS setup done in a couple months.
Except for once when I just did a quick free flight in the early days of AC, I have only ever been in the hangar.
So looking forward to see how it is.


The Demo they played run on an i7 5930K, Nvidia GTX 980 and 32GB RAM with about 30 Frames.
The minimum specs for the PC are these: 4 core CPU, 2GB GPU, 8GB RAM. Recommended is an SSD

960 evo ready and waiting sir… does 1.7GBs read probably with thermal throttling cus its underneath the stupid GPU.

going to be first game ever to truly support SSDs by properly taking advantage of there superior speed

Darkwalker75 .

That SSD stuff you talk about was unknown to me.
While I do have an SSD I have my OS and related stuff installed on that with everything else installed on what is termed an SSHD, a hybrid.

My SSD is only 1 TB, but about half that space is already used up.
What takes up the most space is all the junk that’s put in the My Documents folder by various games and applications(and I hate that with a passion).

Would installing a second SSD only for use with SC be better than using my existing SSHD?


Just put SC on your SSD 500GB left is plenty. As for your my documents folder just change it to a different drive. System > settings > storage and change the drive where it stores it to. Should work.

Darkwalker75 .

The space is not the issue here, its that I would prefer to keep the drive with my OS relatively clean and separate from the rest of my system, that’s why I asked.

As for the my documents folder, that’s something I didn’t know and will have to change.
Thanks for the tip


Ah right, if it was me I’d probably just buy another SSD then and put SC on there. They’ve mentioned there making a version of the streaming tech or something specifically for SSD to allow more streams of data to flow out or something. Can’t remember 100% but all I know is SSD is good.

Joe Blobers

You may use a setup like this:

c (SSD) : windows and games requiring speed.
d (HD or SSDH) : folders like Games, Programs, and My documents folder

I do not have precise comparison about SSD vs SSHD. However there is this visual comparison depicting the three options:

Clearly SSD win the race by 14 seconds versus SSHD at Windows boot.

I solve the problem when I updated my configuration 3 years ago by using an older 128SSD for Windows/programs only (that help a lot as well to make clean backup) and use a 256SSD for SC. Everything else (Steam and more) on 3TB WD green 5400rpm.
On tap that provide a pretty quiet PC.. assuming fans are not at full speed :)


I’ve got 500GB 960 evo OS/applications/ star citizen / gears of War, 500GB 850 evo with games on, 3TB game drive for games that I’m not that bothered about running the fastest and 2x 3TB storage drives.

SSHDs are good if you’re constantly playing the same game but if your playing different games alot it doesn’t really work because it won’t really have anything saved in the flash memory that can speed it up in any meaningful way

Francis Baud

Primal <3


all this awesome info makes my floppy bits hard… this is the best quote though

“Will there be a downgrade? No, because they don’t have to develop for consoles.”


One reason why I backed the game. There will be no compromise for other platforms. PC only.


well designed and built for PC first at least. When vulkan hits its going be glorious, hopefully that add in those shader intrinsics and stuff to bypass compiles and speed up rendering

Joe Blobers

Quote Edangerous: “Some juicy information”. So true!

For Readers Gamestar is a media who already had the priority beside others because they have been involved from the beginning and deliver fair journalism feedback. Not over optimistic nor pessimistic as well.

I note they played a Demo of 3.0 which is not finalized, hence crsh once before working good (Patch SC 3.0 it is not released yet to Evovati and backers for massive test).

It is effectively juicy as it looks like this independant media did not rush back home to shoot scam, Jpges or the is the end :)

What they describes is a team hard at work, adding features, with plan and direction.

They are clear about the challenge and the way to solve them… and to summarize what is the most important in any project:

quote:”The passion and the know-how is really impressive”


24 players and only 30 fps in 3.0? That’s a shame, I thought all the improvements would allow for more players and better fps.

Only 5-10 systems for release… WTF? What happened to 100 systems?

Joe Blobers

Quote Cmdr-Cotic:”24 players and only 30 fps in 3.0?”

Well few months ago we add “8 players and it crash!”… now we have 24 players. That sounds like an improvement especially for a game which is supposed to just be Jpges of static digital ships :)
It looks like Gamestar was able to go through a full sample mission. Damned, if independant journalist are now able to go seamless from space to moon, walk on it and fight… my scam definition is falling apart! :)

About 100 systems, CIG alreday generate full asteroids ring with individual motion.
You understand that they can generate millions of planets and moon like ED is doing?
They could also add to every planet/moon a copy paste of what they are going to deliver in 3.0, and just change the numbers or position of blocks, like they can do for derelict ships… They decided to deliver more diversity and high visual quality while being transparent about that. Quality versus quantity.

I suggest to anyone interested to have a look at CIG Schedule report here to see those Moons are loocking at and more precisely the part named: Planetary update.:

This is referring to 3.0 only. Not even a system, “just” three moons for test/play purposes. Look at the quality level around Millions of square Km…
Now translate that to 5 systems with planets and moons, not even 10 but 5. If this is not enough for a start? This is more place (not space) than all maps of all games like WOW, Skyrim and so on. All of them together multiple by x.
I thoe games on purposes because having the bigger surface is easy (add planets…) but the most important is to handcraft many locations. Who care in skyrim if you have 10 times the same locations…

I do not say your statement of 100 systems is wrong, it is correct. But seriously if 5 years ago, someone would have told us we would see what is now knocking at the door, no one would have said a word about 100 systems, CR the first :)

Again, Quality versus quantity. We backers can decide to leave Publishers practice away…. while being vigilant about the quality we get. It is not exclusive.

key word: Crafting Procedural moon:


Most of the server side and network improvements won’t be done by 3, so there still stuck on the 4 cores per virtual server and the meshing and stuff is a bit off. You can see it in the thing they are working on for the rest of the year. So has to be like that.

5-10 systems is sounding like they want to push it out to commercial release ASAP and as long as there is enough to do in those systems it shouldn’t be a problem till they have more systems done. Explorers may not like it but explorers are a minority, besides they can explore the massive planets for stuff instead


The 5 – 10 systems is apparently nonsense. I wrote an article about it yesterday.

As to the performance, well, that’s to be expected during alpha. As I mentioned in my article, I don’t know why anyone thinks that with the pre-existing 2.6 performance issues, that it’s somehow automagically going to be better after adding massive assets to the scenes in 3.0.

Joe Blobers

Yeah DS, you wrote an article… another one that prove nothing except to explain how you totally failed your pro career in regards of players expectation, during 2 decades, and still make wall of text on your blog about how others should have done,as you are so much competent…. :)

Do you remember than a week ago you left on this very site a picture with CR with large cap letters: “It’s a Scam”….

Your all agenda is to shoot scam, directly or inderectly. We got it.

Your proven gross incompetence does not allow you to be credible, despite the fact that free speech allow you to write anything. By the way, how about a sure finance collapse… 90 days top. Where are we of this prophecy renewed every single quarters since three years? How can a senior dev like you can be so wrong, year after year unless you have no clue about what you are talking about? :)


Space scavengers/salvagers instead of asteroid miners? I could get into that.


I promised I wouldn’t spam Star Citizen so here..

Joe Blobers

Zander upvoted.
This is very kind of you not to fill up a page with pictures/videos in a section with ten’s of others MMO’s title.
Not sure that will bring more comments about others than SC but at least you did your best to not hurt the most sensible of the online community :)

Guys, do not be shy. This is a section for all MMO’s so go ahead and talk about your preferred game(s).