Marvel Heroes has now missed three weekly updates in a row as Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters


It’s now been two weeks since we’ve had any word on the state of Marvel Heroes, as today marks the third missed Friday update in a row and Gazillion has yet to provide the information it promised on October 20th or explain why the Halloween events were neither toggled on nor promoted. The Marvel Heroes social media accounts remain without posts over that time period, negative Steam reviews are now piling up calling the game “dead,” and the PC playerbase appears to have shrunk to its smallest size in four and a half years. There’s also been no news on the Thor promotion that should sensibly be running right now in conjunction with Thor Ragnarok’s release today, nor on the new VR game the studio casually announced via the world’s most awkward stream at the end of September.

As we reported on Wednesday, two key community reps for the studio have been confirmed to have departed in the midst of the bizarre studio silence, and both overt and oblique accusations from former studio employees have surfaced in regard to “inappropriate conduct” toward female employees on the part of current CEO Dave Dohrmann, whose removal from the studio is now the goal of some activist players. Indeed, the studio’s former creative director has publicly stated that the board and company executives were aware of Dohrmann’s alleged behavior “even before they made him CEO.”

On Wednesday in response to Massively OP’s inquiry, Gazillion issued us a statement that said “the company is functioning normally,” suggesting that “reported cases of harassment […] would be handled with the utmost seriousness.” Gazillion then followed that up by calling the standing allegations and insinuations (from high-ranking former employees, mind you) “unsubstantiated internet accusations.” The statement echoes the one made by an employee on the forums several weeks ago when the accusations first went public. (We originally stated that the employee who made this post is no longer with the company; we retract that with apologies as it’s not been confirmed.)

Having covered Marvel Heroes for many years, we dispute the normalcy of the lack of communication, and the studio has thus far refused to answer our specific questions relating to both Dohrmann’s role and history at the company and the game itself; Gazillion has not responded to inquiries about the social media radio silence, the failed Halloween event deployment, the multiple missed community updates, the state of the game’s licensing and PC platform, and the unification project that was slated for November. The company has also not named the community’s current point of contact or answered questions about when that representative will address the now-despairing playerbase on Reddit and the official forums.

Update: There are currently unconfirmed (and also as-yet-undeleted) rumors on the official forums, a second-hand claim from an alleged inside source that the company “underperformed” during the last quarter, resulting in a budgetary crisis and causing the communication shutdown.
Update: MOP tipster Kirk notes that Gazillion has posted this non-announcement to its forums:

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any news we can share this week, but we wanted to let you know that we’re still here and will be sure to let you know when we have an update. We hope to have an announcement soon. Thanks so much!”



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Jeffrey Davis

After checking around the links and such it’s safe to say that something is definitely up, and silence plus no promo likely means the game is getting pulled, a sale or drawback considered and (if the word is true as suggested herein) a lack of proper background checks on the level of Weinstein and Spacey (and that’s just from the other side of Hollywood headlines). And this after the CCP demolition job in the VR department, the Perfect World compactor job and who knows what else.

Expecting the next update to be an “out from your feet” not seen in a Disney-owned property since that unplayable mess on PS3 (and if you know which one, then consider the Force as a strong factor thereof). Besides, when you see all kinds of people jump ship, launch into “review bomb” mode and who knows what else you can basically call it a safe bet that it’s game over.


Maybe the company lost power? maybe their is a in house power struggle

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This is beyond disappointing. But somehow in this day and age, I just can’t get myself to be overly surprised by things like this happening. I really enjoy MH:O as mindless click-happiness when I need a break from a real MMO. However, nature abhors a vacuum and that loud sucking sound is sound of the fan base being sucked out of the airlock of the U.S.S. IGiveACare.

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I played on and off for a while up until they made major changes to the game. I read about what they were doing at the time and pretty much lost any interest in playing.


The Halloween events worked perfectly fine. They just weren’t communicated.


It’s not just that they missed the Thor movie tie-in. They were also supposed to release the Unworthy version of Thor as a separate hero, and one that is actually ready as seen on the previews on the PS and XBox stores (the hero bundle went up momentarily, then was withdrawn).

If the company is not capable of launching (readily available) content that could easily bring in people and revenue, then it’s really bad new. Such a pity, an actually decent game is being flushed down the toilet by incompetent managers.

A Dad Supreme

Gazillion issued us a statement that said “the company is functioning normally,”

And now for the obligatory…


The radical revamp to make the game friendly to consoles utterly killed the game, if the community hubs like the Subreddit are anything to go by. They were massively active when the console version first launched while the PC players were just lamenting being left behind, and now the PC players are the majority of those left, as most of the console crowd moved on not long after the release.

I haven’t played since before the revamp. Path of Exile has become my go-to Diablo-like, and finding out how much depth to the combat and classes/heroes the console update caused killed any desire I had to revisit the game. Would be like if Warframe axed mods.

I did find a rather disturbing thread on the official forums –

A lot of the community seems to feel as though Doomsaw is the only individual still communicating properly with the playerbase…which is disturbing, since he isn’t even a member of the company anymore. What little comes out from day to day seems to just be more and more bad news.


It really is a shame to see what they’ve done to this game over the past bit.