MMO Week in Review: The WoW Classic BlizzCon promo is 50 bucks to alpha test your childhood

This was probably supposed to be fanservice. It doesn't work at all, but it was probably supposed to be.

Blizzard stunned everyone this week by announcing that WoW Classic – or at least, two zones of it – will be playable at BlizzCon as well as at home for a few days by virtual ticket holders. I’d like to say that a $50 alpha test seems a bit out of proportion, but alas, that would be a lie here in 2018. People are pretty excited for this, and my teasing title aside, I can hardly blame them. When you can get a second chance like this, you’d best take it.

Meanwhile, WoW surged past League of Legends in revenue last month, decided to muck with threat some more, tweaked traits, and blew off its Azerite armor problem, leading to an epic edition of Vague Patch Notes.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I don’t usually buy a BlizzCon ticket, even when the swag bag is good. This one isn’t. But I considered it for the peak at Classic, then decided, whoa there. I actually played Classic. I remember it well. I don’t need to shell out $50 to learn what I already know. And I suspect the time the server(s) will be opened will be small.

In my opinion, this is Blizz testing the interest waters. Classic server will be slammed and probably mostly unplayable and that will make Blizz happy. I don’t need to spend $50 to queue, either.

I’ll wait for release.


I’m curious if they took the time to finally brush up the remaining vanilla zones so they don’t look a decade old.

If all they’ll offer is *the* vanilla experience, warts and all, I don’t expect that it will find much success. What people say they want and what they really want are 2 different things in most cases. Also: “Classic” will probably not get any updates besides bug-fixing. Where’s the point?


That is exactly the point, in an interview with one of Blizzard managers in PC Gamer (i don’t remember who now) he said the goal is to make an archive for the old game, no changes, it’s an important part of video games history, so they’ll bring it back, it does not matter if few will play it after first rush, they’ll keep it running.

And that’s what many people are asking for.

Tim Johnson

This “$50 for alpha access” narrative is such BS. Your paying $50 for Access to Blizzcon content. You get access to all the Panels, The cloaks and banner in wow and 1 week access to classic, a skin for overwatch, the mount and banners for heroes of the storm. You normally get things in all their games so probably my guess is likely card backs for hearthstone and probably some stuff for diablo 3 too.

But obviously it’s just the $50 to get access to the alpha. Never mind the fact that this is like the expansion alphas they have at most blizzcons that normally they’d just have playable on the show floor and not let people try it at home. It can’t possibly be that they are trying to give the home audience access to more of what they normally just give to the people physically attending.

But nope because everyone is pissed at Blizz for wow issues, so it’s $50 for alpha. It’s disingenuous.

Nathan Aldana

I mean the thing is, people usually dont buy the virtual ticket for the panels, most of which are just PR fluffery, they do it for the swagbags.

Tim Johnson

Then your missing the point of the virtual ticket. It’s a way to experience Blizzcon when you can’t go for one reason or another. Your not buying a swag bag, Your buying the virtual convention ticket. If you choose not to use 6/7ths of your ticket, that is a you thing not a ticket thing. It would be like buying a 100$ ticket to Disney and only going on space mountain then complaining about the 100$ space mountain ticket.

Loyal Patron

I’m just the opposite. I get it for the panels.

I don’t give a crap about some overwatch, hearthstone or HotS crap. I don’t play those games nor have any interest in them.


Blizzard just added an authenticator to my account without asking me & they won’t remove it unless I send them a copy of my Government Issued Photo ID which I will NOT do. WTF is going on here, Government using Blizzard to catalogue people?

Tim Johnson

That sounds like you got hacked and the hacker put an authenticator on your account to make it harder for you to get back. It’s actually kind of a common method they use for the rare account not using an authenticator already.


‘Alpha test your childhood,’ ha! XD

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Childhood? I ws in my mid-40s when WoW launched.

Roger Melly

Why not play on a private server instead until the official classic ones come out and then you can put the 50 dollars towards another game ?


Already am. Done with the large pvp servers until Classic though. Just a small pve server (but largest one out there). Tiny yet dedicated population and friendliest guilds I have ever seen. Need Horde though.

Come Horde.

Roger Melly

I think when the classic servers come out I will probably create a horde character I spent all of vanilla in the Alliance .

Can’t wait for epic AV sessions that last several hours at a time .


As much as I love to make a Night Elf with old models and jump / flip in Teldrasil, 50 bucks is too much for this. I will keep waiting for actual release, which I hope will be around April – June 2019!

Hikari Kenzaki

It’s not really appealing, but I nearly bought the ticket just for the Sombra skin, so… I can see all these goodies plus the virtual con experience adding up for blizz fans.

steel hunt

Guys, the classic demo is a PART or an added bonus to the virtual ticket. You also get other goodies and panels etc.

My analogy: you can’t exactly say 15 dollar buffets are expensive if fries is all you are going to eat. There are other dishes you can try also.

Whether the entire experience worth 50 bucks, then that is another discussion.


That won’t really alleviate the issue to most people as their complaint specifically is you have to buy access to a buffet you have low or no interest in for french fries.