Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten, is live today

Go away, we have bigger problems now!

The time has arrived for players in Final Fantasy XIV to start forging a new future. The bleak outcome that had been predicted for the future of Hydaelyn has been sealed off, but there are still plenty of obstacles to be overcome, and the new patch’s MSQ deals with precisely that. There’s a whole new future out there, and it remains to be seen if it’s even remotely safer than the one we just finished averting with the conclusion of the Shadowbringers storyline.

Obviously, the new patch includes new MSQ content, along with a new dungeon, the conclusion of the Eden raid series, a new trial against Emerald Weapon, balance changes including an extensive Monk rework, new gear, and new tomestones. Catch up on the full patch notes if you missed them before or take a look back through our coverage of the patch if you’re stuck at work and can’t play the game just yet.


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Danny Smith

What i’ve played so far is excellent but jesus christ this is the most server instability i have seen since the wall of raobahn days of stormblood.


I guess it’s settled down because I had no server problems whatsoever (I play on lamia). I also attempt to agree that the story is progressing nicely, And they seem to be upping the ratio of voiced cutscenes to just text cutscenes, which I like.