MMO Week in Review: Betas for Magic Legends and WoW Classic Burning Crusade

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Magic Legends soft-launched on PC this week with an open beta that attracted a lot of attention and lot of grouching too, culminating in a weekend promise from Cryptic meant to pacify the grumbling.

Meanwhile, MMO players were enraptured by WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade beta, the stress test for Mortal Online 2, Raph Koster’s latest manifesto, Monster Hunter Rise’s release, and Elite Dangerous’ impending Odyssey alpha.

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Less than a week into ML and I’m kinda burnt already, and I haven’t even capped on resources (because of course almost every resource has daily/weekly caps).

I’ll say, it’s pretty polished (server issues aside) and visually slick. It does some neat things integrating MTG mechanics and it’s clear that some of/all the folks on the team love MTG.

But after about a week with the game…man is it a bloody mess pretty much from top to bottom from a design perspective. I’m actually kinda shocked at how much it’s lacking as both a MMO and an ARPG, and how they’ve leaned on a lot of not really interesting design like currency caps.

Though I gotta say, I didn’t think that anyone took all the jokes about “Ion’s Tooltips” in WoW seriously but…damn if Magic Legends doesn’t sure seem like they took this to heart nearly across the board. For reference, here’s players having fun with it –

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