Final Fantasy XIV updates its Endwalker site for more details on trials and raids

Sisters doing it for themselves.

If you were hoping that the Magus Sisters being bosses meant that you would be free of fighting them as a trial, the latest update to the official site for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will rid you of that particular concept. The site now lists both Anima and the Magus Sisters as the trials for the expansion, as well as giving a brief preview of the upcoming alliance raid series (Myths of the Realm) and the normal raid series (Pandæmonium, and that’s not going to get annoying to type out really fast).

For those of you who prefer something a little more visual for your experience, the site has also been updated with new artwork of the various jobs in their level 90 artifact gear and the Magus Sisters posing dramatically. There’s less than a month remaining until early access for the expansion begins, but if you need a little more hype to sustain you at the moment, check out the latest updates.


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Rick Mills

I restarted my ARR sub just a month ago and I’m so worn out running dungeon after trial after hard trial after dungeon, I am longing for plain ole questing.

Andrew Clear

I can totally understand that. You can of course do hunts and grind fates.

As for leveling, I like the fact that I can level from 71-80 in the bozja areas, and I hope they continue this type of alternate leveling in the future, as doing dungeons (even deep dungeons) does get old after awhile.

IronSalamander8 .

Just finished Dying Gasp last night and jumping into the post SHB stuff so getting close to being ready for Endwalker launch!

Without posting spoilers; it was oh so satisfying taking out that guy with the final trial there, been wanting to do that for weeks!

Vincent Clark

Can we take a moment to discuss the fact that there is going to be a full moon and an eclipse on the same day Endwalker pre-access launches…that is some next level marketing/promotion! #hype

Andrew Clear

As long as that full moon doesn’t crash the servers (which of course the influx of new players and returning players coming to play the expansion will cause that to happen, and doesn’t need any external help).