Blizzard refreshes players on World of Warcraft development and Overwatch 2 map design


The Sepulcher of the First Ones raid continues to release in slow molasses-drip format on World of Warcraft’s raid finder, with the third wing of the raid opening up this past week. Good news if you still want to take part in the raid when the conclusion is already known and the epilogue has already happened, we guess! There’s also a recap of the portions of the game currently on the test server as the rollout of Zul’aman on The Burning Crusade Classic, just in case you missed previous announcements about all of this.

What’s far more interesting this week is a walkthrough over Overwatch 2’s map design, which has also just been released for fans to peruse. New Queen Street and Colosseo are the first two maps from the new game mode “Push,” while Circuit Royal is a new Escort map and Midtown is a new hybrid map. They’ll be available for play in the first beta in April 26th, so it’s worth checking up on the design philosophy ahead of that testing.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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