World of Warcraft is bringing out the Winds of Wisdom buff ahead of playable Evokers


Do you want to level faster through World of Warcraft and especially Shadowlands content to get your alts ready for Dragonflight? Don’t worry, fam, that’s on the docket. Starting with the weekly reset on the week of October 4th, the Winds of Wisdom buff with an extra 50% experience will be turned on, ensuring that you can quickly level up all of your alts before the expansion. The buff is ending before the game unlocks playable Evokers as part of the pre-patch, but that also confirms that Evokers will be playable during the pre-patch, so hey.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s announcements about removing personal loot and forcing all forms of raiding to use group loot may have left you hoping it was just for testing or wouldn’t include LFR. But nope, it’s truly universal, and by universal it really does mean “including LFR.” But it’ll be just fine because group loot is much better now, seriously. There have been several posts defending and clarifying the change, but if your core issue is with the concept of group loot being the rule, you are unlikely to be mollified.

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