One Shots: Looking forward to a rainy day


Is there anything as agonizingly tantalizing as receiving a gift that’s for a very specific situation? You can’t wait to use it, but it won’t make sense until something happens. Something… like a rainy day.

But when it does pour next, RimaHadley is ready: “FFXIV was running a Tactics Ogre Reborn screenshot sweepstakes, and I just got the notification that my entry was one of the winners, netting me this snazzy Great Serpent of Ronka-themed umbrella!”

Maybe Rima needs to bring that umbrella over to IronSalamander8, who is having a devil of a time during the apocalypse.

“Here’s a very horror movie-ish shot in 7 Days to Die with the storm clouds over the old church.”

“It’s been a week of fighting dragons in Guild Wars 2 for me,” posted Katriana. “First on Tuesday, we fought Zhaitan on stream with MJ. The next night I fought Kralkatorrik with some friends.”

Everyone was dragon fighting! Those lizards were fast as lightning!

Scott sent us in this amusing portrait from Swords of Legends Online.

“An amusing quirk of the game is that your character will turn and look directly at the camera whenever you zoom in fairly close, which happens in some quest cutscenes. This makes for an occasional, amusing little ‘fourth wall break’ when the cutscene conversation ends and your character turns to you, seeming to say, ‘Really? Is this lady serious? I have to kill EIGHT MORE Weasel-men? Fine… but you’re buying me dinner at the cash shop later for this.’

And Scott’s evil twin Scot (he lacks the extra T but makes up for it in a wicked goatee) submitted an action-packed FFXIV pic, saying, “Girlfriend’s been going through Stormblood, so she called me over to the Fringes for help fight an A Rank with her level 70 Gunbreaker and my level 90 Red Mage. It was a long fight, but we managed to topple it, and I thought I’d commemorate it by going into gpose. Turns out our last actions synergized surprisingly well in so many little ways!”

So whether you’re huddling in a basement as the zombies approach or waiting for a rainy day to flourish your award-won umbrella, no time’s like the present to share your latest MMO pics and stories in the comments!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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