The Daily Grind: Are you MMOing on Memorial Day?


It’s Memorial Day here in the States, which means it’s the first of three holidays this summer we’ll spend with cookouts and patriotic parades and family remembrances. But I know some of you are going to join me in video games once all that is through!

I’ve been thumbing through the MMOs I’ve been playing lately to see what’s on sale, and Trove caught my eye. All of Trion’s games have deals running, but Trove’s character classes are half off, and I’ve been eyeing a Pirate class unlock for a while. There’s also Guild Wars 2, where the devs are resurrecting old weapon skins a few at a time all week (though nothing that’s tempted me yet besides the katana!). And of course there’s Marvel Heroes, which is nearly always running some sort of promo; this week it’s got a BOGO hero event and bonus currency deal running. I know there’s tons more in games I’m not playing. So many sales, so little time and cash!

Are you folks MMOing on Memorial Day? What awesome gaming deals have you seen or taken advantage of?

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