A look back at the MMO industry’s law dramas of 2017


In all our many roundups at the turn of the year, we’ve never done one on the legal dramas that have affected the MMO genre. That changes today!

Of note, there’s…

  • the lockbox scuffle as various countries turn their watchful gaze on the industry and self-regulation collapses in a puddle of shrugs;
  • the Crytek lawsuit against Star Citizen studio Cloud Imperium;
  • the potential for dead online games to skirt DMCA laws;
  • multiple Pokemon Go-inspired lawsuits and criminal trials;
  • the end of the Warner Bros. and Tolkien estate lawsuit;
  • the continuation of the Oculus/ZeniMax Media lawsuit;
  • the cease-and-desist filed against Asheron’s Call emulators;
  • and a whole ton of Blizzard lawsuits, including the capsizing of the Bossland cheaters following multiple Blizz victories.

My favorite, however, is Andrew’s research into whether lockboxes legally constitute gambling – from last January. Enjoy!

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The Rift/Starfall one was my personal favorite. Like anyone would confuse the charity with the incomplete-at-launch game. Weak lawsuit.

Kickstarter Donor

Tokien? What the L?

Melissa McDonald

I don’t know why I can’t summon up any passion for the lockbox/lootbox thing. Maybe i’m too casual of a gamer for it to affect me, I don’t know.


From which game is this screenshot?