One Shots: First MMO loves


What was your first? Not necessarily the first MMORPG you ever played, but the first that made you fall in love with that game and the genre at large? Probably for me, that would have to be City of Heroes, a title which just clicked on all levels and ushered me into a new age of gaming.

I’ll let Katriana tell you hers: “My first MMO, and first MMO love it’s probably fair to say, was EverQuest. I have many memories of my time there, but sadly I don’t have many good screenshots from that time still that aren’t just character selfies. The image below was taken circa early 2003 and is one of the better ones I still have. It represents the crowning achievement of the guild I was in there, the slaying of the first-born dragon Klandicar. It was far from being new or even necessarily notable content at the time, but it was quite an achievement for our little guild.”

Now for our fashion report from Romulus, where Jake is bringing us the latest in Star Trek Online fashion. Tell us, Jake, are oversized shoulderpads and bowl cuts the hot trend among the elite?

“Is it just me or does my Starfleet crew, disguised as Romulans during the mission The Once and Future Agent look like they are getting ready for a scene in a Bollywood production?” he asks.

Skoryy takes to the skies with this pic: “Here is a screenshot of my Champions Online main, the implacable Rose Wonder, one in her original ’40s Nazi punching outfit and her now more modern look. The old four color look won third place in Thursday’s ‘Origins’ costume contest held by the Cryptic devs! I’m still kinda giddy at that.”


The Secret World was my first and only true MMO love,” wrote Hirku. “The story and lore was so compelling it made me forget I was still just killing ten rats and fetching twenty bear rumps. It was deep and challenging to a degree that I was still learning its nuances after years of playing. Last but not least, it had the friendliest, most mature player community ever, period. Unfortunately I wasn’t into the whole screenshot thing during my peak years so I got nothing original, but here’s a silly shot I took in Legends today.”

Well, I guess we’re done with MMO loves! Thanks everyone for turning out for another amazing One Shot columns and… oh, yes, yes, fine. Do your thing, Zulika.

“The old regulars here already knew old man Zuli was coming in here with another Asheron’s Call screenshot after reading this week’s challenge! I took this one right before shutdown. I am standing in front of my villa in awesomely mismatched armor that would have drove my patron crazy.”

For this week’s screenshot challenge, we’re going to leave it more open-ended by asking you to submit a picture that elicits in you a particular emotion. Tell us what that emotion is and why that picture makes you feel that way!


They gives us all the feels.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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I think this pic might elicit some emotions from people, emotions like, “Aww what a cute space puppy!” or “Someone call the space police, someone’s choking a space puppy!!”
What we’re actually seeing is my first ever space puppy, Khana, and me petting her :) *Also: text on the bottom left plainly explains what I felt during this moment 4 years ago*


And here we are 4 years later re-enacting the same moment…it somehow looks worse.

Oleg Chebeneev

Is it Warframe?


Looks like you are trying to give it it’s heartworm pills. o.O


See, this is the sort of thing I play MMORPGs for. That sense of ‘place’. Being somewhere else, even if it’s only behind a computer screen. Old shots, yes, but still some of my favorites just for that.

It’s a very pleasant feeling, really.

Client 2015-11-02 11-09-47.jpg
Client 2015-11-02 13-06-08.jpg
Client 2015-11-02 11-06-28.jpg
Client 2015-11-01 19-50-17.jpg

Elicits emotion? Hmm. Are you sure you are not an acting coach of some type? That is a very “Cali” request. And… scene.

My emotional pick is not a very good pick aesthetically. It isn’t super clear and doesn’t depict some heroic or monstrous deed. BUT it is nonetheless one of my proudest screencaps.

You see, the motley crew depicted is a raid group from my old guild in SWTOR. And this plucky bunch of medium-cores, casuals, and newbies took on any challenge at our own speed. We brought people in that never raided before, or people that had bad experiences in raids and made them see the virtues of having fun with a group of people who were playing for fun and not Epeen. It was a special bunch.

And this pic, here, is right after we beat Underlurker for the first time. Underlurker is one of the toughest bosses in the SWTOR Ops because the mechanics are unforgiving and also bugged (as usual). Fifteen wipes and we didn’t give up. And on our sixteenth, we managed it and cheers nearly broke my eardrums and headset.

So, when I see this pic… I get a little misty. Those were fun times. Seemingly now gone, but which may return. *sniff* Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to sing a few bars of “The Day the Music Died.”

Whaar Garbl

Ragnarok Online. The Realm, Everquest, and Ultima were important–and certainly part of what made me into a minmaxing healer who just wants to party against dragons and sometimes rabbits–but Ragnarok Online was the most important game that really cemented me into the MMO lifestyle.

There’s no big secret or special feature that got me. It was online, it had chat, and it looked better than a lot of avatar-based/sprite-based games at the time.

And pre-teen me had run into Furcadia MANY times with a lot of confused disappoinment.

I was a weeb since the SNES days and was in the full swing of enjoying JRPGs when ZSNES and SNES9X were the emu du jour…and when Zophar’s Domain’s IRC actually had more than just a couple of lurkers (which includes me at the moment). The anime-style, 2.5D, well-detailed game running on 56K was a brightly-colored blessing in a world of ugly 3D models in so many other MMOs.

The only reason I left the game was to join the Best Game Wars, when WoW, Lineage II, Guild Wars, and City of Heroes were still vying for the coveted “EQ killer” title. Subs were fluctuating and Azeroth was not yet the clear victor, and it was a good time to be an edgy kid with a decent computer and an internet connection.

I started out with Thieves and Assassins, but my main became a GC Sader named Iudicium (which dates the time that I started the character. I pulled it from Elfen Lied’s rendition of Lilium. I had a few Saders–especially an AGI Sader that I think was named Celuvix–a Super Novice named BargainHarlot, and a bunch of the other classes that I didn’t get beyond 3rd advancement. Most not beyond 2nd.

Chaos server. All of my friends outside of iRO were on Loki for some reason, and I just couldn’t reroll. That became even more annoying when I joined the military and was pressured to roll a new WoW server at every new gamer I’d meet at 3rd deck gaming sessions, every new arrival who knew I was a little too otaku to have normal conversations, and at every new chain of command.

Khaz’goroth (American stationed in Japan during vanilla, and we played with Aussies because of the time zone), Dentarg, Three Sisters, Emerald Dream, Wildhammer, Kael’thas, and now Moon Guard. With soooo many alts everywhere. RealID caused a lot of problems at the beginning, but thank goodness for the cross-server features now.

…Which reminds me that my last military friendship game was Vanguard: Saga of heroes. I felt bad while writing that because I couldn’t remember everyone who wanted me to play it at Bahrain, but I’m slowly remembering them now.

What the heck, did I write all of that?


I never got too far in RO, but I loved my time with it. The music alone was like nothing else I’d ever heard in an MMO and I loved the freedom to go where I wanted (even if it meant getting my ass kicked), a trait that FFXI shared. It was one of those games, MMO or otherwise, where I found the grind to be relaxing instead of a chore.

I was a huge ZSNES fan for many years. It was actually only fairly recently that I discovered Snes9x, and I’ve never looked back.

A week or so ago, I was doing some heavy-duty cleaning around the house and I came across an unlabeled CD. The first song on it was the opening to Elfen Lied. I remember being a few minutes into the first episode and thinking, “Hm, so this is some kind of cute, slife-of-life anime in an office. Or .. wait–oh Christ!!!”


That’s actually Rose’s modern look, but it only reinforces she does look better in it. ;)

As far as feelings, there’s the one where you take an alt you have all of 23 hours invested in, put them in wardrobe pieces you’ve always liked but never got around to using, and give them a build that turns them into an open world goddess among mere mortals. I think it’s called accomplishment.

Bonus: Skoryy with the newest doggie to join his family.

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Rees Racer

“…submit a picture that elicits in you a particular emotion.”

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the Vista mechanic in Guild Wars 2. I’ve personally backpacked to many different parts of the world, and enjoy finding my own real life spots to take in a rare sight. But some of those jumping puzzles in the game are harder than actual trekking and climbing about some obscure island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Sometimes I’ll find myself in the game with no “official” vista, but instead qualifies as mirror of my own proclivities to explore. It merely satisfies my wanderlust temporarily…when I can’t quite literally jump on the next flight to some other remote destination on planet Earth.


Indeed. I’ve run into the same thing. Except in BnS, there are invisible walls and instances that don’t’ allow exploring. So… yeah. The same thing, if BnS wasn’t BnS.


Fear the Pink Dragon…


Lol. I’ve seen her rain fire down on mobs. Yup. Ping Dragon she is.


Thanks for the compliments…but to be frank and frances, that didn’t turnout the way I really wanted. I was hoping to convey sense of “pigtails mean business”, like the original screen I posted on my Lyn self a few years back, that I evolved from. (Please see image attached!) However, it turned out more startled than mean looking. :(


I started with Ultima Online and have a lot of great memories and stories of adventures I’ll never forget. But FFXI was the first MMO I would say I fell in love with. Until FFXIV, it was the only MMO where an in-game place felt like home. I was a proud citizen of Bastok. The weeks when we’d come out on top in the weekly tallies felt great, and coming in second or third place spurred me to do my part to help us reclaim the top spot.

Before there were a dozen different ways to teleport around Vana’diel like there are today, I would miss Bastok if I was away for a long time on whatever adventure my character was undertaking. Every time I’d zone into Gustaberg, its arid beauty and the sound of those xylophones starting to play let me know I was almost home.

I still happen to have some old screenshots of my earliest days in FFXI. Let’s see if I can finally figure out how to post some. They’ll be small, as these were the days before Windower. The big Galka with the receding hairline is my best friend. The shot with the giant ram is him being chased because I wanted to get close to it for screenshots despite him saying it was a bad idea.

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FFXIwasmy first love in MMORPG form as well. Unfortunately I lost the original HDD I had all my screenshots on a long time ago. I still have my original PS2 HDD so i will have to eventually pull my screenshots off of that somehow.

But i appreciate your screenshots, gave me a huge dose of nostalgia.

Vincent Clark

Right, this week’s screenshot challenge…all about feelings, eh? This is the first time an MMORPG got me to feel something about an NPC. His wit, his charm…when we were at our lowest, he opened his doors and took us in. And he didn’t hesitate for a second to raise his shield in our defense and sacrifice his life for ours. The true Warrior of Light.


Wow! Awesome shot. I assume you modified it to black and white? Great choice!

Vincent Clark


Bango on Laurelin

Lotro. I did try UO and EQ but it was Lotro that got me hooked when it came out. Shame how it’s ended up.