Wild Mage successfully funds on Kickstarter and confirms multiplayer


Congratulations are in order for Luna Orion, which just saw its Wild Mage successfully fund earlier this week! The open-world fantasy game, which the creators described as a weird mix of Final Fantasy XI, Minecraft, and Fruit Ninja, raised $85,374 from 1,752 backers over the course of the campaign.

This is particularly good news for online gaming fans, as the $60,000 stretch goal for multiplayer support was crossed. “As I mentioned many times, one of the important motivations for making this game personally is to be able to stay connected with my family and friends living in other states/countries while playing a game I enjoy and made myself!” the team posted. “Again, this will be Diablo-style online multiplayer/co-op, 4~6 players per world, PvE. The single-player base game release on Steam will still be Q4 2019. Multiplayer will be implemented later in the form of an update after MP specific alpha/beta testing.”

Other stretch goals achieved included bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Kickstarter
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Alexander Smith

Their budget doesn’t really line up with their goals imo. The dev tools for all the consoles alone will eat a good chunk of the kickstarter.

Bryan Gregory

The linked Kickstarter claims the game takes from FFIX, not FFXI.

Dug From The Earth

Sad.. im excited about the way the game looks/plays… but that FoV… Holy cow its so bad.

I was getting motion sick just watching the trailer. Cant imagine actually playing it full screen.


OOhhh. Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this one. Might be nice for me and the fam.


Fruit Ninja? o.O


LOL, a ninja who loves him/her some apples?


This game will be to fruit ninja what H1Z1 was to SWG.

And the first time i heard about this my first thought was the combat system would be lifted from fruit ninja. not interested.