E3 2018: Defiance 2050 reboot launches on PC and console July 10th


We’ve got an official launch date for the new Defiance, folks: Trion announced this morning that Defiance 2050 will hit all three major platforms on July 10th, pursuant to an open beta that’ll run from June 22nd through 25th and preorders that open up on the 19th. Yes, that preorder founder package comes with a three-day headstart.

“The original Defiance revolutionized the sci-fi open-world shooter, seamlessly blending third-person gunplay, fast-paced action, dynamic world events, and cooperative gameplay. In the Defiance universe players take on the role of Ark Hunters, mercenaries battling their way across the post-apocalyptic landscapes of a ruined earth, using alien tech and advanced weaponry to carve out their fortune. Defiance 2050 is the definitive Defiance experience, focused on bringing the game into the next generation. In addition to taking advantage of modern hardware to improve the original game’s visuals, Defiance 2050 also makes major updates to Defiance’s systems, streamlining and modernizing them for today’s shooter audience.”

The console-friendly sequel to the 2013 “transmedia synergy” TV-show-linked Defiance, Defiance 2050 popped up on our radar in February when Trion surprised everyone by announcing its plans for a reboot. The company has previously vowed not to abandon the original game once its younger, shinier, more crossplatformy sibling is up and running. We came away from both our hands-on at GDC and our stream during the closed beta feeling pretty comfortable with the transition. Stay tuned for more following our meeting with Trion at E3!

Source: Official site, press release
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