MMOs you’ve never heard of: Hades’ Star, Cabal Mobile, Redstone, and Curse of Aros


Welcome back to another roundup of weirdo little MMOs and online games you’ve never heard of but probably should hear of! That’s why we’re here!

Let’s dig in first with a peek at an MMO we covered a long time ago but haven’t checked up on in a long time: Hades’ Star. When we last looked into the sci-fi MMO, it was a mobile game. Not anymore! The game officially launched on Steam this week, bringing its “unique space strategy game where thousands of players participate in one shared galaxy” to desktops – for free. It’s basically Master of Orion the MMO (with way better graphics!) and we are here for it. Notably, it’s also cross-platform, so if you’ve already got an Android empire, you can access it from Steam too

“Hades’ Star is a space strategy game where thousands of players participate in one shared galaxy. You create and grow a space empire over time, in a persistent galaxy that constantly evolves. There are various stars to explore that offer different gameplay types that range from singleplayer, PvE to PvP. Yellow stars are the perfect place to build your thriving empire and long-term economy. Red stars explode within 15 minutes, but offer an opportunity for resource gathering and player co-op. White stars last for 5 days and features up to 40 players from two corporations. During this 5 day period, you can plan future moves, communicate them to other corporation members, and see potential outcomes of future combat. Lastly, blue stars last for 5 minutes and are PvP events. Players can only send one battleship to these stars and the top 5 participating players combat each other using their ship’s modules and other NPC ships to destroy other player ships and be the last one alive.”

Up next is Cabal Mobile. You remember Cabal Online and Cabal 2, right? Tremendously popular South Korean MMOs, not quite so popular here? Welp, ESTgames announced a mobile version that has all the same basic features, from PvE raiding to PvP warring. According to MMO Culture, Korean beta will begin in March.

Redstone looked super familiar to me when MOP reader Panagiotis (cheers!) sent it our way, but we don’t seem to have covered it before. It’s a 2004 MMO from L&K Logic Korea that was ported here 12 years ago but was kicked around between publishers and never quite made it big. It hopped onto Steam back in 2015 to mixed reviews (it looks like you either love the isometric view or you hate it) and rolled out a big update in November.

Finally, if you’re not super sick of mobile MMORPGs, take a quick peek at Bitgate’s in-development Curse of Aros. It’s been in early access open beta since late last year and boasts pixel graphics, exploration, crafting, harvesting, and apparently even PvP. It also looks as if the game had a run at an Indiegogo last year too. (via Reddit)

Spot an MMO we’ve never covered? Send it our way!


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Redstone had a mobile sequel that wasn’t really anything like the original game, it was a gacha collector type where you played a party of units. It wasn’t that bad actually, but had no advertising done and was just lost in the sea of mobile releases and never had much of a player base. The servers just barely closed down this month.

The webpage is still up for it, but the game isn’t on the app stores anymore.

If you want to see what you missed, here is the link, but the game no longer is there. There is a straight apk download from their webpage, but the servers are down already so it wouldn’t do you any good downloading it.

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this is awesome! im totally gonna try hades star out. looks really cool.


Having led my Corp, The Star League for several months and played Hades’ Star for about a year on mobile, I urge you to check it out. It’s got interesting gameplay and the PvP mechanics are different. Time based research mechanics coupled with Discord chat makes it a pretty cool game. :)

Fenrir Wolf

I have never heard of any of these! Which doesn’t surprise me as they don’t seem to be to my interests, which is to say they aren’t for me, but I can see how a few of these will be very applicable to others.

Red Stone reminds me of Ultima Online-era stuff, and Curse of Aros would appear to help those with a Tibia-related itch. The other two are mobile games, which people seem to like in ways that baffle me so. I mean, really, the appeal of mobile is one of those little things that really makes me feel like I’m an alien from another planet. I don’t get it, at least, for the most part.

It makes me wonder what the hip, groovy youf of today are playing. I hope it’s not just mobile games and battle royales, because whenever that pops into my head as the reality we might be living in, I feel immense guilt for being so privileged with video games throughout my life.

I mean, I get the appeal for extroverts. Mobile games are dopamine, dopamine, dopamine; and battle royale titles are all about that sweet, sweet social competition where you call people all manner of colourful and inventive slurs! What about the autie/introverted kids, what’s there for them?

What do they get to play? I’m really curious now how many introverted kids are retro fans. Why would you play battle royale when you could be showing off by proving that you can parse the plot of Final Fantasy VII in one sitting, despite its poor localisation. I did that. People just despised me for it. It’s not hard!

Ultima Online was a weird time for me, so maybe I could get into a game like that again at some point in the distant future. It’s why I was sad that Istaria (DRAGONS) could only hold my attention for too long. I have a tolerance level for grind, and if it’s really stressful and demanding, like it’s beeen since Everquest, I just don’t feel anything for it.

I remember when mining went from a bunch of people sitting around in a cave, clicking their mouse buttons and roleplaying to “OMIGOD A NODE EVERYONE JUMP IT!!!!111!!1” in Final Fantasy XI.

I didn’t like mining in FFXI.

I really didn’t.

Stress and anxiety! Stress and anxiety!

In fact, it pretty much gave me a form of trauma from how people would react if you were the first to get the node. I realised I was really upsetting some people who had long term goals. So I felt bad and afraid to mine any bloody thing in WoW or in any game where only one player could claim a node.

Sod that for a game of soldiers.

Honestly, does… does anyone enjoy this? Is this an extroverted competition thing? I feel like it is, and I don’t get it.

I was both gladden’d and sadden’d (though not madden’d) by Guild Wars 2. Nodes were instanced to the player, yay; but they were placed randomly around the map, boo.

I don’t know, the repetitive clicking without any stress whilst idly roleplaying with one or two others really appealed to something in my reptilian autistic brain.

It’s probably the repetition. I’m told we like that. Then again, I can’t stand homogeneity so it’s complicated. I guess it’s like stimming? Just feels nice. Click. Click. Click. Which leads me to think I’d like those clicker/tapper games but ehhhhhh?

I suppose the clicker games didn’t allow me to build houses or whatnot. Nor did they allow me to chase around sheep like a madman with shears, or follow around a dragon so that I might tell the dragon how lovely of a dragon they are for repeatedly setting me on fire (taming was an especially twisted idea dreamed up by someone who fed on suffering).

I mean, I guess I like helping. Whenever I’d play games like that with my partner, I could contribute to their making of things, too. Loveliness, that was. UO struck some kind of balance where it wasn’t too stressful or too grindy.

And whilst I didn’t like losing my things when I died back then, I also remember that the average player was much more nice and would gladly risk their neck to bring my stuff back to me. And all I had to do was ask politely, which then inspired me to do that for others! People were lovelier then.

Closest thing I’ve seen to that is ESO, I loved giving away werewolf bites. Both as a kindness and to spite the people who were trying to sell them. I mean, really?

There wasn’t a mad level rush in Ultima, really. Nor any raids. No stress. Just click, click, click, make things! I guess that’s what I also loved so much about Free Realms. I think enjoyment via stress is ultimately an extroverted thing, as I’ve never met an introvert who genuinely enjoys it.

I guess I’m just lamenting because I worry there’s just not enough fun to be had out there for autie/introverted kids, and with the world putting in ever more effart (and it absolutely must be spelled like that, yes) to groom introverts into being extrovert’d. Well, I feel bad for them.

S’why Millennials are the burnout generation, yes?

Most of “Millennial problems” seem to be “problems caused by parents of Millennials” instead.

You know, I’d like to see a game like Ultima Online which concentrates on the fun of just doing things instead of the grind, but that’s what I felt Free Realms was, too. And my favourite bits of GW2. But crocus tokus this spiel has lost focus, so I’m just leaving it at that.


Not even close to UO or Tibia, as I played all these games

Just saying it cause I got significant mileage on Redstone as well and my father also even still plays it today.

Closest thing to compare it with is a Lineage 1 with dual class system. Its by no means a perfect comparison either but its the closest. Also its not a mobile game, and when it was made in 2003 there wasnt this ttend for mobile gaming, but you are maybe confused because L&K released a mobile game named Redstone 2 that carries the name of a successor but is a totally different game and company tried to take advantage of the good name the original game had made in asian markets

As to what one likes, its quite variable you know but if you dont like combat in general you as you say, maybe you should try finding a sandbox where combat is a secondary focus and all the others are the primary focus – or at least they got equal importance. Sometimes even a combat sandbox gives enough options to play differently. One person who taught me many recipes(yes you can teach recipes to others after you reach a certain level on your prof) in Shroud of the Avatar for example told me he is combat level 40 since 2015 and mainly bothers with social aspect, musical instruments, housing, farming, market etc

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If you have not tried Black Desert Online, you might want to give it a shot. You can build a network of mines, or fields, or woods, farms; whatever resources you want for workers to dig, chop, collect for you. You don’t have to worry about blocking others’ access. They too, can use the resource. The resource itself is endless, you just have to get access to it. And then get your workers; give them a place to live and feed them. All housing is instanced, so any number of people can use them, but the items inside the house are yours alone. It is a good game for introvert / role playing.

Mind you, there is open world PvP after a certain level, but all towns are safe, and I have rarely been attacked just going about my business. If you want to gain combat experience it is possible someone might kill you in a grinding area. But you really don’t loose anything by that, as they can’t take any loot from you. Or you can gain combat experience in towns now.

Also, now there is a Battle Royale battleground, so most PvP spend their time there now.

I’ve been playing for all three years it’s been around, and to me the PvP is an non-issue. It exists, but it doesn’t get in my way. I don’t gear for it. I do the Battle Royale for the money, if I feel like it, but that doesn’t require gear. Or even skill. I suck at it, but you can earn money even if you’re bad at it. Or just ignore it.

And horses! You can own and breed as many horses as you like! And this month they are giving us another high level horse for free. I have so many horses. You can sell them as well.

If you try it, make sure you do the quests, or at least the ones the Black Spirit guides you too. You need the knowledge you will gain from those quests later on.


I loved MOO way back when, I’ll have to check out Hades’ Star when I have a chance!