MMO Week in Review: Bless goes dark, Star Trek Online awakens

MMO Week in Review: Bless goes dark, Star Trek Online awakens

I was thinking last week was a bit thin on MMO news, but I’m so glad I do this weekly recap because it’s proved my impression so wrong! This week, Bless Online officially sunsetted its last remaining server, Star Trek Online launched its Awakening expansion, Caravan Stories rolled out for PS4, PlanetSide Arena let folks in for a peek, and there was a smidge of turmoil in the City of Heroes rogue server community. Plus, we debated Elder Scrolls Online’s trade guild mess and mused on EVE Online’s population problem.

Oh yeah, and a UK parliament committee berated video game companies for their gross monetization and lockboxes specifically – let’s hope they throw more than shade going forward.

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Bless is a sad story. About two years ago when the claimed they were going to revamp the game and launch in the west, I was hopeful. But it turned out to be pie in the sky development.

Lots of lessons to be learned from Bless though. The biggest is don’t promote what you can’t deliver. I know devs worked hard on the game, but their marketing and PR campaign put them under the gun with unrealistic timelines and expectations.

It is unfortunate. And the sad thing is, given the state of games at launch most recently, I seriously have to wonder if any lessons are ever learned at all in the vid game industry.


…it looked expensive to produce too. /sigh

The Gleeful Grognard

Jesus, that was quick death for bless online. A little over one year in the west…

Kickstarter Donor

Yup, the crappy performance and horrible translations smacked of not enough time in the Western oven.