TERA: Patrick ‘Treeshark’ Sun departs, Halloween arrives

Seattle claims another MMO dev: TERA Producer Patrick “Treeshark” Sun told players that he’s leaving En Masse tomorrow.

“In my stead, Matt ‘Denommenator’ Denomme will take over primary TERA duties, with Spacecats and his team helping out a lot more. You may even see a few more familiar faces step up their involvement in the coming weeks as well. I promise that you all will be in great hands, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on everything as well.”

Sun has worked in the MMORPG industry for over a decade on games including City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Tabula Rasa, and Lineage II during his NCsoft days. “I got the opportunity to start at En Masse back in 2010, when we were still doing focus beta tests and the entire team fit (albeit cramped) in a very, very tiny room,” he writes. “We were still in launch mode at the time, and I still remember getting to showcase TERA at E3 and PAX and meeting all the players excited at the new action MMO they were getting to play. Since then I’ve seen this game through its transition to free, and the launch of multiple content updates since then.”

In happier news, En Masse has announced the start of Halloweeny Night of the Mandragora — tonight, in fact, and running through Tuesday in two-hour chunks.

“Starting Thursday, October 27, log in to TERA for daily monster-hunting double and triple features (invasion events)! Strange creatures will appear in Seeliewood, the Island of Dawn, and the Eldritch Academy. Not only will there be a variety of vampyrs, zombies, and chupathingies for you to slay, but you’ll also be battling ghosts, skeletons, and other ghoulish monsters. There will also be a few surprise bosses making cameo appearances during the event, so be ready to form a raid when you see an announcement that one has spawned. These bosses will drop Mandrakuryon Madness boxes containing costumes and must-have accessories, in addition to the Mandragora tokens you earn from all the invading monsters throughout the event. Mandragora tokens can be exchanged for a variety of items through a temporary shop, but will fade away within 60 days following conclusion of the event.”

Source: Official forums, farewell. Thanks, Vunak.

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