SuperData’s mid-2017 report reflects a wildly expanding gaming industry


Gaming analysis firm SuperData is touting a new report for marketers today, shedding some light on the shape of the industry so far in 2017 — for everyone. Yep, today’s report is free, as long as you’re willing to hand over a mailing address, so let’s run down the highlights:

  • 46% of US gamers are now women.
  • 665 million people glue their eyeballs to gaming videos and streams — more than HBO, Netflix, ESPN, and Hulu combined.
  • “The global market for games and interactive media will grow 12% this year,” for the first time crossing the $100B threshold.
  • A streadily increasing percentage of that dough is coming from digital console revenue.
  • By 2020, SuperData argues, “players will spend $4.5B on immersive gaming — more than 20 times what they do today.”
  • Rocket League shows that console gamers are willing to spend on optional cosmetic items in multiplayer games.” Stop buying lockboxes, people.

Taking the year to date, the most popular games on PC, console, and mobile aren’t going to surprise anyone, since they’re the same games that have been making the lists all year, including League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny, and yep, World of Warcraft at #5 on the PC chart. Pokemon Go isn’t on the mobile list.

And VR revenues are also predicted to surge 15 times to $30B by 2020. Have you voted in our VR vs. AR poll yet?

Source: SuperData, press release
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