New Dawn, a survival sandbox set in the 1800s, has launched into Steam early access


New Dawn – not to be confused with Darkfall New Dawn or Osiris New Dawn or Star Trek Online’s New Dawn – is hitting Steam’s early access this week after a lengthy period in closed alpha.

We began watching the game two years ago, when we described it as a “survival sandbox that puts players in the role of South American natives in the 1800s who must fend off pirates while living off the land,” complete with “interesting mechanics, such as taming horses, being killed in your sleep while you’re offline, and a slavery system with the NPCs.” It ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter in 2017, which raised only 4.4% of its $82K goal before it was canceled by Italian developer e-visualsoft.

“At the moment, New Dawn is in Pre-Beta stage, many game mechanics are complete and we have a solid base in programming, which allows us to add new content quickly,” the devs told followers this weekend.

“The game is stable and performs quite well. In its current state you are much more likely to find a game breaking balance issue than a game breaking bug. Many core mechanics and features are present and polished. Keep in mind that a Steam Early Access game is not completely finished, polished or fully optimized. We hope you understand that as New Dawn is still in active development you may witness the odd bug, and features are subject to change. Now with your support, we plan to build an even more unique and exciting experience filled with fun moments.”

Recap of past coverage:

Source: Steam, Kickstarter, official site
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