EVE Online’s Onslaught expansion is live with new content for PvE and PvP alike

If you can't stand up, you can't do war.

EVE Online’s Onslaught expansion is officially live this morning, with “a little bit of something for everyone” as MOP’s own Brendan Drain put it. There are new abyssal dungeons to keep co-op PvE players happy. There’s a new abyssal deadspace arena for PvPers. There are new player-owned stargates to satisfy nullsec folks – and the resource barons who feed them. There are new Triglavian ships, improved graphics, a tweaked UI… nobody’s walking away unsated.

We’ve got the features video below along with a roundup of some of our coverage of the expansion as well as of CCP’s movement over the last quarter; MMO players will recall that CCP Games was bought out by Korea’s Pearl Abyss and is also working on a mobile adaptation of EVE with NetEase due out next year. If you read only one piece on the expansion today, however, make it our latest EVE Evolved, in which we cover the key additions in detail.


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