Harvesting and crafting will soon grant experience in Crowfall


February – and Crowfall’s big overhaul – are inching closer, and ArtCraft has been teasing some of the big changes it’s making with the new round of testing. This week’s dev diary is all about getting your ding on. As is usual in most MMORPGs, you can level up by acquiring experience through killing NPC mobs, both the beast type that drops crafting materials and the humanoid NPC war tribes that grant weapons. You can also “sacrifice” unwanted gear to the gods. (ArtCraft says the system is unique to Crowfall, but it’s sounds exactly like Trove’s mastery system.)

But the best news from this blog is the stuff the game seems to be borrowing from older skill-on-use MMOs or even the likes of Guild Wars 2: Harvesting and crafting will also grant experience.

“Whenever you harvest a resource node, you’ll receive XP when the node is destroyed. This includes group harvesting, so long as you’re close enough to the group member doing the harvesting. The diminishing returns are the same as with NPC mob ranks. […] When crafting, XP will be awarded when you successfully craft an item. The diminishing returns for this activity are the same as with the Sacrifice System. As before, you’ll want to move up to more challenging world areas to pursue higher-level Harvesting and Crafting endeavors to make the most of your efforts. This means traveling from the relative security of God’s Reach, with its plentiful but humble resources, to The Infected, the intermediate world where PVP is possible but looting fellow players is not, and graduating to the Campaign Worlds where the best possible resources may be attained if you’re brave enough to risk the potential of encountering enemy factions as you’re gathering.”

Earlier this week, Crowfall amended its $12M investor haul announcement to clarify it was in fact $11.7M. It’s also given players a sneak peek into the new spellbook and survival tray, both of which have a big impact on the player.

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