Guild Wars 2 plans Wintersday for next week as the community debates hacking and toxicity

As expected, Guild Wars 2 is capping off 2020 with its holiday events in the form of the official release of Wintersday next week, along with a half-off sale for the game’s expansion bundle starting on December 15th and running up through Christmas Eve.

“The annual Wintersday festival arrives next week! Participate in traditional festivities like Toypocalypse and Bell Choir, leap from snowflake to snowflake in the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, brave the Secret Lair of the Snowmen strike mission, and deliver gifts to orphans in Divinity’s Reach. We’ve got presents for you, too! Earn rewards for completing achievements and open Wintersday Gifts for holiday sweets and surprises.”

In other Guild Wars 2 news, if you’re bored and want some drama, YouTuber Wooden Potatoes has released a video addressing his status with the ArenaNet Partner Program following controversy earlier this week. The short version of the story is that WP got stuck in a match with hackers abusing a teleporting exploit during a tourney; in order to bring ArenaNet’s attention to the situation, he used multiple homophobic, sexist, and ableist slurs he knew would trip the game filter and summon a GM. The hackers then posted the edited screenshots of that without context, provoking uproar in the community and attempting to put his place in the program in peril – one more way to “fuck with Guild Wars 2,” as WP put it.

Reddit has busied itself shouting back and forth about it all, with some folks supporting him, others still upset about the slurs no matter why they were used, some concerned about the apparent ease of hacking in the game, and others… yeah, they’re just enjoying a pile-on and watching the world burn regardless of who’s caught up in it. As usual.

Source: Official site, YouTube. Cheers, Daras.

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Axetwin .

I get the impression he was expecting the GM’s to respond because it was HIM doing the reporting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not using that as a justification. By this point it would be difficult for anyone in his position to not develop a sense of entitlement.


I feel icky about this situation from all angles.

It stinks that the GMs are so unresponsive, and that’s a legitimate issue.

That said, “It’s okay for me to use slurs as long as it has some tangible benefit for me” is really not an acceptable stance.

This is just a mess all around and no one comes out looking good here.


The diehards need to chill or find a different game to play. If they aren’t familiar with ArenaNet’s mode of operation by now, it’s on them thinking things might change.

Potatoes, Teapot: get over yourselves. Get over Guildwars 2 and move on. But we already know this game is your identity and you won’t.


WP’s actions, even if not done with harm in mind, seem to be an example of very bad judgement in the moment. I’m not sure how anyone would expect to stay in the Partner Program after putting that in chat. Saying “not sorry, no regrets” doesn’t seem like a great stance either. I mean, I’d expect at least a couple regrets for the decision to combat hacking in this way.

And this is from someone who generally likes WP’s videos and thinks he has done quite a bit for the community for years. I do believe his intent was as he claims, I just think the actions he took were not only not well thought out, but can be harmful no matter the intent.


They were pretty well thought out, unfortunately ANet GMs are more triggered by language filters than hacks so to summon a GM you have to say the magic words repeating the phrase Candyman 3 times while staring in a mirror in a dark room. Hacking is a major problem in GW2 PVP, that’s a big reason why no one does it because ANet won’t fix it, say some bad words though and the GMs descend on you like bees including the community.

Taken out of context Woodenpotatoes was in the wrong, but taken within context from a person familiar with GW2, and how ANet responds to things WP did something pretty smart.