Destiny 2 brings back the Guardian Games on April 20 with revamped scoring and a new playlist


Life in Destiny 2 already feels pretty competitive, what with all of the PvP and world first raid races and running to the highest Power levels possible, but now that competition is getting another layer added on as the Guardian Games are returning this coming Tuesday, April 20th.

For those who missed out on how this event worked last time, the Guardian Games are essentially an Olympics for the shooter’s three classes, where players have to don specific gear, collect Laurels to purchase event-specific bounties and tasks, and complete those tasks to gain medals that can then be turned in to increase a class’ ranking in the competition.

This year’s competition will feature a few new things. First, there’s a change to the way scoring works that eschews the class-weighted scoring system for one that lets all classes earn points and grants a permanent 10% bonus on scoring for the class that falls in third place each day. Secondly, the event will feature a new Guardian Games Strikes playlist that works like a regular Vanguard Strike playlist but pulls together fireteams of the same class and awards some Laurels, while also adding positive and negative modifiers based on each class’ standing from the previous day.

There’s some new rewards this year as well, such as a new exotic Sparrow, some new emblems and shaders, and some new goodies in the Eververse in-game store. Furthermore, the Heir Apparent exotic weapon is back, while those who earned the weapon can chase after a new catalyst.

The games are being held between April 20th and May 11th. There’s an event landing page with guides, details, and screenshots of all the pretty items, along with the trailer below.

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