Player apartments won’t make SWG Legends’ Cloud City expansion launch next week

But they're still coming


With SWG Legends’ City in the Clouds expansion just a week away, the player devs have dropped a dev blog (yes, really). And it’s a bit cheese, as it’s a faux-interview with none other than the administrator of the facility, Lando Calrissian himself, but there are some nuggets of news in there, starting with the fact that player apartments in the city won’t launch with the rest of the expansion.

“Oh yeah, I’ve definitely been made aware of how eager people are to live in the clouds, and I can’t say I blame them!” Lando says. “I can tell you here right now though, apartments will NOT be a day 1 feature. I’ve been in the ear of the foreman every day to see how close we are to having our suites ready, but we’re still fumigating the place of space slugs and other bugs before we can safely hand out key cards to future residents. Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure we have something in writing soon on the apartments.” Lando also suggests that there are additional features and content planned for the zone after launch.

The Star Wars Galaxies NGE-based rogue server is set to launch the Bespin expansion on May 4th; we’re tucking the trailer down below, and if you’re completely lost, we’ve got a whole run-down right here.

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