New World had to disable its Valentine’s cosmetics over… crash bugs


Lost Ark may be Amazon’s new baby, but that doesn’t mean New World is being entirely neglected, even with an ever-ensmallening playerbase. This week, New World added a new item in the cash shop, the Corrupted Love pack, which includes a few Valentine’s-themed weapon skins and furniture. Six hours later, the company had already disabled the skins to “investigate a bug where the skins were causing a server crash.”

It’s unfortunately emblematic of the reputation New World has built for itself since launch, as benign additions and patches repeatedly cause serious issues and outages. To wit:

We’re sure Amazon will get it fixed, but it’s just not clear why these snafus keep happening in the first place, and it’s not helping the depressed playerbase, which has fallen to peak concurrencies of 65K, compared to 900K at launch.

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