‘Throwback’ MMO Monsters & Memories refreshes ongoing playtest with new content


We’ve been covering the progress of Monsters & Memories for almost two years now. Back in 2021, it was still known as Project N, a “throwback” MMO from EverQuest and DC Universe Online dev Shawn Lord. The game has come a long way since, expanding its team at Niche Worlds Cult and plotting a friends-and-family playtest. That playest is still ongoing, according to the game’s first dev blog of 2023.

“Despite the holidays, the team carried on as usual and produced plenty of new stuff for us to show off in this month’s update,” the studio writes. “They also prepped things for the launch of our Friends & Family (F&F) playtest, which is currently underway. A big part of having F&F is for us to get a feel for whether or not we’re ready to attempt larger, open playtests with our community. So far, things are looking really good. The goal with of our initial public playtests will be to get a feel for how our game operates under the stress of higher concurrent user counts. It’ll be an interesting test of our foundational tech, and help set the focus for our next steps this year. Plus, it’ll just be fun.”

The rest of the blog is an avalanche of updates to models, concept art, spell effects, new critters, environments, zones, animations, music, hotbars, and even more advanced mechanics like crafting recipes, drops, vendors, dungeons, and quests.

Source: Dev blog
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