The Elder Scrolls Online launches the Dark Brotherhood DLC today

I made you this. Use it.

Rejoice, players of The Elder Scrolls Online, for today you can join in an elite confederation of ducks! Whether you feel that you’re a mallard, a teal, or perhaps even the odd ancillary swan, you can still… oh, wait. It’s not the duck brotherhood. It’s the Dark Brotherhood DLC that’s launching today. So that’s a no to waterfowl, but it’s a yes to everything unrelated to waterfowl that you’d expect to find.

As with previous DLC launches, players will have a base patch to deal with as well as the DLC itself for those who purchase it. There’s a lot coming along with the DLC and patch, which we’ve covered in the past; check out a full roundup just below. It’s good news for everyone who didn’t think this was going to be DLC about waterfowl. You can find out what our resident TESO fan Larry Everett thinks about the DLC next week.

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