One Shots: Mobile MMO housing


Between the adorable visuals and the lunatic writing, Twin Saga might just win a visit from yours truly. Of course, the fact that it sports giant mobile turtle housing is an attractive factor as well.

“It’s safe to say Twin Saga nails the cute style,” Vexia sent in, “but I was impressed with how pretty it could be. This is the type of stylized look I’d expect from the likes of WildStar or World of Warcraft. I don’t have my own terracottage… yet! Maybe I will when this screenshot is posted in the future (greetings from the past!). Either way, seeing this NPC-owned one out in the wild made me want a terracottage of my own that much more.”

Forget the Massively yacht; we need turtle power!

Wolfyseyes submitted this dynamic pic: “It’s not very often I get an action shot that I really enjoy in Final Fantasy XIV, but this is a standout. I was trying to snap some reference pictures for a commission and I was surprised at how well this one screen managed to turn out. So I thought to share it with you guys!”

If you’re going to be a Dark Jedi, there are some basic fashion rules to follow. First, you don’t want clear skin; instead, you’re going to want your face to look like your grandmother’s leg on a bad day. Second, a permanent SCUBA accessory is pretty much a given. Finally, make sure that you stand in front of an appropriate backdrop, as fields of flowers with playful kittens is not going to do your reputation any good.

I think Kithred nails it all with this picture from Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t you?

Last week’s challenge to side with either cat or dog pics really brought out a very intense and very strange competition in the comments. While there were lots of excellent entries on both sides, I have to admit that the cat people wanted it more.

Qarran says that Blade and Soul is the place if you like felines: “Cats, cats and more cats? Well, heck man, just take a stroll and you will see all shapes and sizes of cats and catlike people.

“But for me there is a very special little catlike Lyn that takes the cake. My 10-year-old niece is playing BnS. You may cringe to hear that. But, she plays completely under my supervision and I drive most of the time. The game has its ‘sexy’ side but it also has an adorable cute side which my niece loves very much. So one day, I took the proper precautions, we made a toon for her, and off we went. Meet Lizbeth, me, and my nieces fave Lyn.”

DigitalQ threw dog fans a bone (sorry) with this World of Warcraft artifact acquisition shot: “I have a wolf… does that count? *Hugs Hati*”

Well, you have a wolf that is half-lupine and half static electricity, so you’re only going forward here on a technicality. I was all excited to get Hati too until I discovered that I would be hearing that grating static noise for the next 100 hours of the expansion. That kind of killed my interest in the Beast Master.

But since DigitalQ is all about showing off his impressive weapon of death, I thought that might make for a fun screenshot challenge. What’s your favorite (giant) weapon in MMOs? See if you can scrounge up some pictures of oversized swords, guns, maces, nerf bats, and the like, and wing them my way with a story or two!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to¬† with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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