One Shots: Mining the safe, responsible way

One Shots: Mining the safe, responsible way

When it comes to the careful and meticulous extraction of natural resources from the planet, it pays great dividends to hew to our 32-point method that includes several safety techniques, a back-up spotter, a historian on retainer in case you find any artifacts, plenty of drinking water, precision aiming, and a rescue collie.

Or you could go Vincent’s route here in Final Fantasy XIV and just blow up rocks with a bazooka. That is just what our moms told us would end up costing two legs and an eye if we weren’t careful!

Speaking of responsible, Hikari is perched on the side of a sheer cliff drop just to get that perfect portrait. Fine. You’re right. Black Desert is ridiculously pretty and needs to be documented from every angle possible!

I really love Utakata’s shot of these “fountains of paradise” in Blade and Soul. Such a warm, orangey hue. Makes me want an orange smoothie. Anyone else up for a smoothie run? You? You? C’mon, we’ll take my station wagon… let’s roll!

“Especially now I am very grateful to my game for giving me some time-out,” said Amorey. “It is not easy and the mind often does wonder to real life, but here are some of the things that make me happy in LOTRO: friends, music, and stories.”

I know how it is when you put tons of time in making a virtual home that few others will see, so I have no qualms showing off Toy Clown’s Star Wars Galaxies Legends creation.

“Decorating and playing with my Entertainer makes me ridiculously happy,” Toy Clown said. “Just finished the front room of a salon last week and I put in many meditative, late night hours in working on deco. It’s very Zen!”

We’re all in this situation together, so we might as well all share our adventures together! For this week’s screenshot challenge, show us what you’ve been playing while you’re on lockdown in your home.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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Should be no surprise what I’m playing :)

2020-03-14_13-43-42 (1).png
2020-03-14_13-37-50 (1).png
2020-03-11_0-00-42 (1).png

In entirely non-space-things, getting the Warclaw mount in GW2 that has your guild logo on it.

In Star Citizen, doing more low-altitude sightseeing on MicroTech (and not at all scoping out possible places to set up a place someday.)

With the trusty Reliant Tana, more scenic bounty hunting, and admiring the fact that you can see the city of Lorville from the orbital station above Hurston.

Finally, “Safe and Responsible Mining” you say? Well… mining anyway – the “safe and responsible part” is up to the user of the hand-mining laser in Star Citizen. :)


As an aside, the Reliant is somewhat infamous in Star Citizen for being less-than-trusty. In fact, the wings tend to fall off rather alarmingly often when damaged. But they don’t always fall off…

The target of my bounty exploded a little too close for comfort, and I heard a rather loud “crash” – so I thought to check to see if I’d lost anything important. It turns out, no… not really. :)

Kickstarter Donor

Sometimes, it’s tough to be an NPC in Star Trek Online

Toy Clown

Thank you for showing off my deco shot. :)

This week, I spent part of it being sick, but still dragged my head out from under the covers to prepare for SWGL’s first Cantina Crawl with my friends, where we had a great time socializing with a lot of other players on the server. Even though I had to cut it short, it gave me such happiness to be a part of one again.


What game am I playing during this quarantine? Come now. There is only one game to play right now. Doom Eternal!!

The Slayer is updated and better than ever. Seriously, the game is improved in many ways. But killing demons and unbelievable atmosphere, that hasn’t changed.

So here is my Slayer taking a wee break from the action.

Oh, it’s not an MMO. But it is one hell of a single player first person shooter. The very best I have played in a long time… may be since original 1995 edition.

Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.03.22 -

*Pigtails are relieved you haven’t gotten COVID and consumed*

…I still await your presence back in B&S land though. Plus I have some business to go over with you. But don’t stress yourself if you’re just are not into right now. So whenever you can. /bows


Alive and kicking! Heh. Covid clean so far. I’ll ping you when I got jump on BnS in the evening. I know your hours and because of Corona I will be able to play late nights since I’m not going in early to work.

IronSalamander8 .

I’m waiting on this one, but looking forward to playing it soon.


When I’m not coughing.


I rolled a Death Knight named Covidnynteen but I’m too strapped for time to take screen shots.

Hikari Kenzaki

Funny you should ask. A bulk of my time has not been spent in MMOs, but I have spent a bit of time in some Secret World Legends community events.

The Secret Flea Market RP event made it’s debut last weekend and it was a big success. The next one is April 5th, so give it a look.

I also had some fun at a reading of The Little Mermaid from Happy Tentacle Radio’s founder, also in SWL. DJ shows are a great way to spend time socializing and having fun. Cabal Pride is coming in April as well and should be the usual blast.

Hikari Kenzaki

Oh nice, the twitter link also shows all the RTs of my other photos. That’s cool.


I’ve been playing with butterflies… O.o


PS: And before I entirely forget, thanks for plugging another of one of my pictorial contributions, Mr. Justin! /bows


It has been a crazy week and I did not have time for taking a new screenshot.

I will share an old one of the game is helping me at this difficult time.

Stay safe