MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: RISE, Carth, Hunternet Starfighter, World of Kung Fu, Heroes Evolved, Arelot Kingdom, and Project EVE


Welcome back to another quick roundup of some MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles you’ve probably never heard of. Of course, YOU have heard of them, because you are a supremely intelligent artificial intelligence network on the verge of world domination, but consider that the meatbags in realspace might be ignorant of these titles. Let’s change that.

Developer NXN put out its second trailer for its upcoming RISE. This video includes a brief look at actual gameplay for the PC and console MMO, so it’s definitely worth a gander.

Everyone say welcome to Carth, which just arrived on the scene this past month! Beta testing hopefuls are encouraged to connect on the game’s Discord.

Carth is an upcoming multiplayer survival RPG taking place in a mid evil fantasy setting. Carth is currently being developed by Deidre Reay Studios. The planned release date is Early 2021.”

It’s not as if you’re hurting for options if you want a martial arts MMO, but here’s another one anyway: World of Kung Fu United. The website is cluttered and confusing, but it does look like the game’s been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere.

Heroes Evolved, a mobile title that blends MOBA and RPG design together, recently hosted a successful Asian esports tournament. The title also ran a special Thanksgiving event and is gearing up for another Championship this December.

Hunternet Starfighter is a space combat sim that says it’s in the vein of itself to Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica in its theming. “It features a sophisticated 6DOF flight model with g-effects, well balanced and tested multiplayer PvP and PvE. There are three highly customizable starfighter types with a varied arsenal of weapons and equipment with an additional faction and new starfighters already in the works,” the game’s sole developer said. The alpha is free to join.

Arelot Kingdom is a very new MMO that just came onto the scene with a public early access. It looks cute, with a sort of Albion Online-RuneScape art style. However, the MMO community is being suspicious of this, with some testers reporting a host of glitching and other issues.

“It’s kind of inspired by RuneScape,” the team said on Reddit. “There aren’t many MMOs out there with such features. There are currently some NPC shops. However the plan is to also add player-owned shops.”

Finally, Project EVE — no relation to CCP’s interstellar franchise — is a single-player game in development. However, it’s being made by Blade and Soul’s former art director, so we thought we’d at least share the trailer with you:

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