The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts the best console experience at the end of 2020?


I thought 2019 was a big year for console thanks to Black Desert’s multiple console launches, but 2020 was far from shabby itself. The arrival of Phantasy Star Online 2 after so many years on console and then on PC was certainly cause for celebration, plus we saw several games port to the Switch – and Skyforge is slated to make that leap soon too.

Of course, there are plenty of other core MMORPGs that are comfortably ensconced on last-gen consoles, from Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online and Star Trek Online to DC Universe Online and TERA and Neverwinter. This is a great place to be as the new-gen consoles are arriving, especially considering how paltry the offerings were seven years ago during the last generational transition.

I still favor the Switch if I can’t get to my home PC, but plenty of our readers and writers shell out for every console that hits the market, and I know you play MMOs there. So which MMO boasts the best console experience at the end of 2020?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Robert Mann

Hmmm…. whichever. They mostly feel like a console experience on PC right now tbh. The days of designing more than a few options are gone, complexity has vanished completely regardless of where it was of value, and what is left is quite console-fitting.

There’s no reason some titles shouldn’t support consoles and cross play, and all that. Yet, for all that I like including people, the few MMO games that have appealed at all recently are ones that haven’t taken that plunge, mostly due to being old as dirt. Simply put, everything except perhaps the basics of combat and the graphics suffer as a result. Story hasn’t really ever been a strong point for MMOs, so we can ignore that as defaulting to poor.

The basics of combat, and to some extent the graphics after a minimum standard, are the things I care the least about in an MMO. Whichever more modern, non-indie game, and some of the indie games as well, you like… is the best console experience. Even if it’s on PC only.

Disheartening, but true.


Definitely FFXIV – it has pretty good controls for the PS4 controller, supports keyboard and mouse for people who prefer to use those and you play on same servers as PC users play.


Without a doubt its FFXIV. It did console right and puts every other MMO to shame. When people state “Oh, that could never port over to console… too many abilities etc.. too deep” …. point them to FFXIV. The control setup is genius.

Eric Gray Jr.

Just started BDO on ps4.. Yes, there are a lot of performance issues I can see, easily being ironed out with a ps5 upgrade. Other than that, I’m not seeing the usual gacha systems in place that hinder actual gameplay progress yet, so might give more input.

Out of all the others listed:
Skyforge is VERY loaded with p2w, so quit that fast on ps4 after beating the main story on pc.

Same thing said with Neverwinter and DCUO; but with DCUO and FFXIV, my time investment since the ps3 for both of these speaks louder volumes.

As a major fan of Phantasy Star, I jumped on the chance to play pso2 no matter the language barrier as soon as ep4 hit ps4. Been playing it on pc for years without then with the English patch. The Japanese menus were all the same so gameplay wise, it wasn’t a hindrance.

Never was a fan of ESO or Star Trek Online after watching my friend play them, so skipped those entirely!

Tera has been thru hell and back on console, and I have been as supportive as possible when EnMasse was around. Gameplay suffered hard-core till GameForge took over the console and PC US. It plays almost exactly like the Korean servers on console. Literally cried at how good everything felt after so long fighting.
Been a long time since playing PC Tera. Hopefully, things turned out better for you guys.

The article forgot to mention Blessed Unleashed as part of the newer MMOs to hit console, but I assume it wasn’t cause it was on Xbox before going to ps4. Another one in the same boat as BDO. Again assuming a ps5 upgrade will help with the performance issues. Oh, and Temtem on ps5, though that is still in early access.

Overall tho, would love more Korean developers jumping onto ps4 like with Genshin Impact. Blue Protocol needs to come.

T h e n o n y m o u s
T h e n o n y m o u s

would love more Korean developers jumping onto ps4 like with Genshin Impact

Except miHoYo is a chinese company and Genshin Impact is a chinese game. Although even without taking that into consideration, I can’t agree on more shitty P2W+RNG shenanigans Korea thinks counts as actual gameplay being a good thing anywhere.

Jaymes Buckman

Weren’t most of the games you listed already on consoles seven years ago? Just not ESO because it wasn’t out yet.

Danny Smith

FF14 seems to be the only console mmo that went “hey you can just use all 8 face buttons as a hotbar and the shoulders to swap to other hotbars” and it just works compared to a lot of others that go with this weird “no it needs to be five skills because it needs to be like a mober” that just feels like a bad western rpg like dragon age inquisition or something rather than an mmo. Combine it with the ability to change all your UI up to suit your own tastes and FFXIV is a lot more console friendly than “oops the ui is larger than your tv screen, we hope to patch in the ability to resize it in future” experience i had with black desert.

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I just started digging into the crossbar customization the other day to figure out how to get more skills on there. I didn’t realize you could effectively play with 64 abilities just based on which way you push L2/R2 and whether or not you have your weapon drawn. Also being able to resize individual UI elements is a godsend. Make the quest and chat text huge, and then shrink everything else down until it’s wee tiny for my 60″ TV on the other side of the room.

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I can only speak for Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy 14 from personal experience and would say both are fantastic MMOs on console. It would be hard to separate them in terms of which one is the best and can only really say you will have a good time in either of those on a console.

I am looking forward to seeing what ESO looks like on a next gen assuming they still plan to upgrade the PlayStation side of things after the change in management.

Every time I think I might try BDO I check to see if it’s managed to solve it’s performance problems on PS4. So far I haven’t had enough confidence to actually give it a whirl given the comments I see. Might be one for ps5 I guess.

Jeremy Barnes

BDO’s client is just arse. Even on PC with an overpowered PC, you still get issues. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when games have a horrible client. Vindictus is another game I’d really like to put more time into, but the client is so bad.