Bot-maker Bossland’s legit game flops, Germany rejects Blizzard’s US court victory and won’t enforce damages

Are you surprised to be hearing about Bossland again? We’re surprised to be reporting on it. The German-based botmaker made headlines for the last few years thanks to ongoing litigation provoked by its sale of cheat, bot, and hack programs for multiple Blizzard games. Blizzard had pursued Bossland across multiple continents in an attempt to shut down the cheat programs, which Blizz argued violated its copyrights and cost it significant amounts of money to fight – money it was therefore not spending on its own games and customers. The drama finally culminated in 2017 with victories for Blizzard in a German Supreme Court ruling and a California federal court case that awarded Blizzard $8.5M in damages.

Though the German courts recently ruled not to enforce the US court’s decision (on the grounds that it considered the minimum statutory damages awarded to be excessive and punitive), Bossland ended sales for almost all of its hacks at the end of last year; as of today, the only ones remaining are for non-Blizzard games, specifically Final Fantasy XIV and Path of Exile, though according to the group’s latest newsletter, there’s a PUBG one tucked on the forums too.

That newsletter is what prompted this piece, as it was sent to us in full by an MOP tipster. It’s… despondent. The hack vendors are lamenting the loss of their audience, income, and communication channels, as well as the poorly received debut of their apparently legitimate game, Epic Car Factory on Steam, which currently sits with “mostly negative” reviews. We’ve tidied up the punctuation and formatting slightly and included it below.

“News in short. Unknownbuddy was changed to work only with Windows 10, which reduces bans a lot. The Hashing service is still not availiable, we will announce when it is working.

New game released by Bossland and Hawker, and no one likes it. Epic Car Factory. Epic Devs – Imagine you spend years in making a game, you released it and no one likes it, while this email was written, the Steam score was at 10 %.

Honorbuddy & Demonbuddy are gone. Bots gone, Game fails. Imagine, you try everything to statisfy the needs of people and you fail. While the bots market is being destroyed by the game publishers, we thought, making own games would give us the freedom of money to be able to compete with game publishers and still have some nice bots for sale, but times change.

Loosing the fight. Even though we beat Blizzard over the $8.6 Million case, as the German court found it not enforceable in Germany, this makes our lives as bot publishers not a step easier. The case in the US – The German decision. We still are in a situation where at least one of our products needs to sell. And this mammoth task was supposed to be done by Epic Car Factory.

Discord Channels deleted. And if that was not enough, recently most of our discord channels where deleted, even though the Discord TOS does not forbid bots channels. Creating a new one for the game, seems like a good idea, even though i suppose it will be always empty.

Conclusions: There is not much to do. With that said, the only thing we can ask you for is, to if you like, grab our game and give it a honest review, no matter if positive or negative, we’d like to see how big our base still is, because we think it is gone. Once Honorbuddy and Demonbuddy where gone, the support from the users was gone.

Yours, Bossland. Have a nice life.”


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Problem is… as long as there are people willing to pay for cheats and hacks, there are going to be people who supply those hacks. Supply and demand. Simple capitalism.

Honestly, I’m all happy to see Bossland closing, but cheat developers are a hydra, whenever you chop off one head, another one grows.

Bossland has been struggeling for the past years anyways and I don’t feel like any of their products had a significant influence on any game recently. Ten years ago, Honorbuddy was a problem in WoW, but recently, not so much. Have not seen many botters around.

Other companies are so much worse . Of cause that doesn’t make Bossland’s actions any better, but instead of hunting a company that is effectively dead anyways, I’d love to see them go after the real bad guys.

One big problem for me personally is ArtificialAiming. I quit Rust because they weren’t capable of dealing with their “HelioS framework”-hack and now the same thing is happening the Sea of Thieves. They provide hacks for over 40 (!!!) games (“Master Package” $150 a year) and I don’t see how this can be legal and why nobody is doing anything about it. Bossland is nothing compared to them.

Diego Lindenmeyer

bossland make Bots and not Hack as you guys keep telling..
if dont know the differences, please dont talk about.

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Hacks or Bots it doesn’t matter, they are all cheats and not welcome here or on any online game. People who cheat should just stay offline.

Bruno Brito

Do explain the differences. I’m really interested in your morals about all this.


When a bot or automation is against the Terms of Service/EULA for a game (and it is for the Blizz games and probably all the ones they bot), then a bot is by definition a hack.

John Mclain

Thats not the definition of a hack, a hack is any program or code the directly MODIFIES a game’s code/functions. Now there are indeed BOTS that do this, but most bots are simply programs that do basic inputs based on received information from a program.

By definition a BOT is not a HACK, that said I can’t call you outright wrong on this, as some advanced bots do in fact hook into the game code in order to operate, just not very many.

Kevin Smith

No sympathy at all for these people. They did something to make money off of someone else’s work now they want us to feel sorry for them. Got a good laugh reading that.


I don’t think beating a wrap is beating Blizzard, as it is being upheld elsewhere. It’s almost though if the German Courts where giving them enough rope to hang themselves instead from the looks of it. o.O

Kickstarter Donor

Maybe if you didn’t fund your game with, imo, ill-gotten gains, it may have received unbiased reviews.


That’s a bold move to actually talk about their game on Steam, because now their little studio (Epic Devs LLC… is that supposed to try and make people think they’re Epic Games?) that’s attempting to do legit stuff has been pointed out.

The whole ‘woe is us we were just trying to make some money and stick it to publishers’ attitude is humorous. Can’t really feel sorry for them that their game was screwed (though it’s now ‘Mixed’ on Steam).

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Agree now that I know who they are I won’t ever buy a game from them.



Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron
Schlag Sweetleaf

something something failure is complete

epic fail factory bossland.gif

Oh. Man. They have to deal with others coming along and unfairly mucking up a game they’ve worked hard on.

That’s rough.

CMDR ShrunkenQuasar

Take your upvote and get out of here!


…It’s hard out there for a pimp…