Ship of Heroes’ character creation tool beta has officially begun

Get your spandex on through November 8th


The Ship of Heroes character creator tool beta has officially begun as of noon today, so superhero fans, now you have two chara builders to go try out.

“This is a donor event, a ‘thank you’ to all the donors who helped make Ship of Heroes possible over the last two and a half years,” Heroic Games writes. “Everyone who has donated $50 or more during that time is eligible to test out the CCT during this system Beta, and to run around in Apotheosis City. The Beta will last for one week. Originally we had a cutoff date of October 15th for qualifying donations for the Beta, but now we are adding everyone who achieved the $50 level, even if it was after the 15th. Below you’ll find instructions for how to join, how to install and run the game, and a variety of commands you can use once you’re in Apotheosis City.”

The official blog notes that all travel powers will be on during the event, and yep, you’ll be able to chat and run around certain maps in the game too – it’s not just about demoing the toon builder. Definitely check out the official posting, as it includes basic install instructions, tips for settings, and commands you’ll want to use. The devs also say they’ll be capping instances sizes between 50 and 75; like City of Heroes, Ship of Heroes will just spawn new city instances as needed, though bear in mind you may end up in an emptyish one.

Fun fact: Heroic Games says all the pics in the gallery above were “created by a family member of a dev” who had no familiarity with video game character gen. “We wanted to see if non-devs could make nice-looking characters,” the team writes. “The answer is an emphatic yes.” And yes, you can save toons and character names during this test and apply them toward the real game.

We’ve been covering Ship of Heroes for the last several years, but here’s a quick rundown of just our character creation tool articles since summer. They’ve kinda been prepping this for a while!


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Magnus Itland

To me it looks more like an alpha than a beta, but it is decent as far as it has come. The default models are not supposed to be realistic but heroic, using industry standard proportions that have been widely used in games and generally well received. I can believe that. Those who come to this genre from live-action superhero franchises like The Flash or Supergirl or the Avengers will probably find this more jarring than those who come from comicdom, where realistic proportions were never a major concern.

Ardra Ventax

looks like the characters need a hair base to create a more natural hairline so it doesn’t look like a toupee sitting on a bald head. Plenty of time to fix that.


I think that’s more about fixing certain styles rather than needing a hair base. That only is a problem here and there and a hair base would ruin other great looking styles they have.

For instance, check the 3rd to the last picture they have above in the line of pictures in this article (Madame-Rascal-Close-up). In that one, you can see the individual hairs coming out of her head. It looks super realistic and I’m not sure which type of base you’re talking about, but most of the types they use would ruin it.

In fact the vast majority of them look very nice and realistic and don’t need any base messing them up, the only one that looks poor that I see is the 2nd to last grey-haired girl. So as I see it, it’s only about fixing certain styles rather than needing a hair base.


Why the heck did they make character’s legs so unnatural? Looks like a cheap plastic toy for 5yo children.

edit: on the other hand, probably this was the whole idea – to make the character compelling to people who had similar toys years ago.