Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss makes good on mature content


If you were super sad when Revival and World of Darkness closed up shop, you should probably point your eyeballs over at Shadow’s Kiss. The Kickstarted MMORPG is in alpha and boasts the same vampire themes as WOD and the same “mature” themes as Revival. Check this out – they’re about to use “exsanguinating” in the press release. That’s a 23-point Scrabble word, people.

“The Shadow’s Kiss Vampire MMO has just patched its first round of mature content, featuring two quests allowing the player to seduce mortal ‘blood dolls’, in addition to questing, combat, and exsanguinating occasional pedestrians.”

Clockwork Throne president Thomas Sitch says the studio is offering “Patreon backers a special ‘back door’ to more risqué content” with the “Mature Content Pass” starting at $5 per month.

“Vampires are, after all, a sexual metaphor, and shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones have generated a broader cultural acceptance of the erotic as part of a larger saga,” he opines. “So this is only another step in our evolution: Shadow’s Kiss has always been a narrative game for adults; now the full range of its possibilities will be expanded.”

Source: Press release

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