SuperData: World of Warcraft’s expansion surge ends as Destiny 2’s expansion surge begins


Dungeon Fighter Online is continuing its run raking in more money than League of Legends, but World of Warcraft’s expansion blast seems to be over: That’s the takeaway from SuperData’s recap of the video game industry’s global revenues for September.

MMO players will recall that World of Warcraft had jumped into the second spot on the PC side last month, besting Riot’s popular MOBA, but it’s returned to its traditional spot in the middle of the top 10 as of September now that Battle for Azeroth’s settled down. Fortnite also dropped down a tick as PUBG has pushed upward, while Hearthstone has replaced CSGO.

On the console side, Destiny 2 returns to the top 10 at the top as Fortnite drops a smidge on console as well. “Destiny 2 topped our digital console rankings this month on the back of the new Forsaken expansion and an increase in deluxe edition purchases,” says the analytics firm. “Over 60% of all monthly active users purchased the expansion.”

Source: SuperData

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Nothing terribly new here. But here are a few observations.

1. Monster Hunter World is nowhere to be found. Since it’s ban in China for whatever it was, it seemingly has left the significant top 10 data pulls.

2. This data landscape will change as we head into holiday season. RDR2 will certainly hit its stride and Fallout76 should see significant sales on consoles.

In my view this data is the calm before the storm

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Blizzard is definitely bleeding subs. Makes me wonder if the leaked sub numbers from a couple of weeks ago were truly closer to the mark, than Blizzard wants to admit to.