Global Chat: The NecroKitties of Elsweyr


Raise your hand if you’re playing Elder Scrolls Online’s newest expansion this week! Elsweyr has drawn many back in to Tamriel with the most alluring promise of them all: necromancy-wielding kitty cats.

MMO blog Occasional Hero said that while the game didn’t really need another class, he’s not complaining about the addition of Necromancers. “Not even a week after launch, and I already have three Necros,” he said. “It seems like this class is legitimately built to be viable for any of the four main build types.”

Gamer Girl Confessions is feeling the pull of the expansion fever too as she gives ESO another try with her SO: “I’m enjoying both the extra time with him and doing my own things in the game… even if that just means talking to every NPC I run into, reading every single book I open, and gathering everything I can with no care in the world.”


The MMOist: Alternate game modes

“I would like to see more games offering different modes of play on regular servers, as well as special ruleset servers: progression servers, permadeath, team PvP, short-run event servers, etc. I have enjoyed many of these things when I have had a chance to try them out. They seem to generate interest in the game and might contribute to keeping an older game relevant.”

Going Commando: Good quest, bad quest

“I think that MMO players are not the most discerning customers when it comes to quests. We’ll say that we consider them good or boring, but rarely go into any detail about what exactly makes them so. I’ve been trying to split out different aspects of the quest experience to better come to grips with what I like or don’t like about the way each game I’ve played handles them.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: Original start is best start

“So often with MMORPGs I am a content locust and can easily gobble up all of the available content leaving me with a feeling of nothing left to do. However the content in Elder Scrolls online is so dense and story driven that I can only handle doing so much of it before I need to go play something else for awhile. The end result is that ESO is a game that I can seemingly constantly return to and experience fresh story driven content that has piled up and is waiting on me.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob: WoW Classic stress test redux

“The experience, as you have probably heard, and no doubt expect, is very different from WoW today. It definitely moves at a slower pace and a lot of what now helps you along with quests is absent. I had to remember how to get quests to even show up in the on-screen tracker (shift-click) so I knew what I had going. However, it isn’t as slow as it feels at first. You will notice that you are moving along.”

Aywren Sojourner: FFXIV Shadowbringer’s farewell to job quests

“That brings us to the place we’re in now – Shadowbringers has done away with job quests while leveling from 70-80, aside from the final level 80 job quest. Instead, we’re getting a series of role quests. It seems that a lot of things in FFXIV are shifting away from the job mindset to the role mindset. We saw this with Dancer, which became a physical ranged DPS rather than a healer because the team identified that role had a lack of jobs to choose from compared to other roles.”

Nerdy Bookahs: Choosing a WoW Classic class

“When I created my Warlock and had finally gotten my imp on this nostalgia server, I didn’t even realize how fast I’d gotten up to level 12. Also, especially in games like World of Warcraft, it’s easy for me to tell whether I like a class or not: Do I go out of my way to avoid killing mobs or do I not mind having to kill a few more? If it’s the latter, then it’s a class I will be playing for a long time.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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