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The rich elite enjoy their luxurious mansions located on scenic shores, remote islands, or exclusive metropolis neighborhoods. But the rich elite with connections to world-ending gods can do even better with floating palaces in a nightmarish dreamscape. Even Amazon Prime can’t deliver here.

Hikari faced this down in Secret World Legends: “When we were infiltrating the Morninglight in New Dawn, this was really the last sight we were expecting when we finally got to the mansion.”

Does… anyone have a very long portable bridge?

We can always count on good old Hurbster to help us dredge back up nightmares of long ago that we thought were well and buried. Just looking at this screenshot from World of Warcraft reminds me of whenever I heard that terrible foghorn, I already knew it was too late. I was a dead Gnome walking.

“How can something so huge be so damn stealthy?” Hurbster asks.

“Most of the time, the first moments of a new expansion or story instance is filled with scripts and dialogue that you have to track,” said Miol. “Here is a shot of a more serene moment of a story instance somewhere in the Mists of Guild Wars 2 while trying to meet a goddess.”

How is Gwennifer doing these days, anyway? She never takes my calls.

Here’s one game that I hope we’ll be seeing more of here in One Shots going forward: Ascent: Infinite Realm. Looks like Zulika was checking out one of the overseas versions for this first impression pic.

“This is in the first area in AIR,” Zulika said. “I had no clue about how the camera works so it is a lovely shot of my toons back. I still cannot figure out how I would take this with her facing the cam, ah well.”

BalsBigBrother is the hero we need right now: “City of Heroes and me might have a few problems, but I really do like the character creation aspect of it. My last character creation was Sister Dark, who for crimes long lost to the mist of time has to wonder the earth and try to redeem her broken soul. Though some say that as she likes to eat pizza with pineapple and anchovies she has already fallen too far for her to ever find redemption.”

For this week’s screenshot challenge, share with us the MMO character that you’ve played for the longest overall time — and tell us a bit about your history with that character!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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Thank you for the plug! /bow
Now you want some navel-gazing? Sure:

This Norn learned his traits as an engineer around seven years ago from his Charr buddies over in their Iron Legion territory of Ascalon, as he never felt connected to Norn culture with their Spirits of the Wild and Great Hunt.

Hikari Kenzaki

Okay. I will attempt to do this in as few pictures as humanly possible, but Hikari is a character that started in 2002 in an original co-op fiction/RP inspired by Dragonball Z, so there is a lot of history here. Some of the old pics are pretty low quality.

Hikari Kenzaki was born out of an accident which separated the Champion of the House Light into 3 ‘sisters’ Hikari, Yami and Rei. This is mostly because we needed more villains for the story. Yami and Rei became Champion of Darkness and Spirit, respectively.

City of Heroes was my first MMO, but I couldn’t make Hikari right away because I needed a Peacebringer to do her powers right. My second level 50 was Hikari Kenzaki, Human Form PB who ruled the skies in Siren’s Call. I solo’d the PB story arc back when all the enemies in it did unresistable, untyped damage. It was hell… and 5 days after I completed the arc, they announced they were nerfing Q/Nicti damage. I may have had a psychotic break… and a very long cry.

Hikari was not one of my main RP characters in CoH, but she informed several of the others’ origins. It wasn’t until I had to go looking for a new home in 2012 that Hikari made her way into The Secret World. This is where Hikari Kenzaki would grow into the character most know today.

In TSW, she was envisioned as a mentor to would be heroes. Her story was reinvented as a sort of proto-bee. A failed experiment of Gaia for a hero bloodline that was passed down through the generations.

This is the first game that would have the House of Light as a cabal/guild/whatever. It was formed when there was effectively 1 active Dragon cabal and so myself and another player formed 2 cabals of our own. One very Dragon and one more neutral (the House).

The picture in the trenchcoat appears in Hive Mode in TSW and SWL.

This is also where, five years ago, she met the woman who would become her wife, Natalyia Timoshenkova. I had stopped to inspect the character so I could see what pants she was wearing and Talyia said “Hello.” and RP ensued. Those pants would become part of their signature outfit. I also got an amazing gaming partner out of the deal :)

Hikari Best.jpg
Hikari Kenzaki

About a year of RP went by and they were married and we had quite a few amazing stories play out in TSW but we all know what happened with TSW and SWL.

In the years leading up to the announcement of SWL, there just became less and less to do in TSW, so we started taking the duo into other games. We even set out in SWTOR to keep them platonic. They had other plans, so we stopped trying.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2_20190422_035216.png
Hikari Kenzaki

Which brings us back full circle, to City of Heroes. Where heroes (and villains) live once more. :)


Whew! I can finally take a moment. Some of you will remember that I used to be a regular. Well, I started my own business and truly have dedicated everything to that. So, while lurked MOP for the good bits, I haven’t participated.

But now, I find myself with more time and want to say “How Y’all Doing?”

No pics of my original toons I’m afraid. Those caps all died during the Great Hardrive Crash of 2013. So instead, I’ll post a few of my fave more recent toons.

The first, Sara Ryder from Mass Effect Andromeda. If you know anything about that game then you know how hard it was working through character creation to get Sara to look this good.

Second, Yolie, my archer BDO. I love this pic because of its simplicity. You don’t need to do anything to make caps look great in BDO.

Third, my Blade Master Baiylee from BnS. Being a tank is anything but simple and I think this captures it in combat. (that’s her in the red yuletide garb)

Fourth, my Destroyer, Yaliee, from BNS. She is vicious when she is about to strike.

Screenshot (12).png
Baylie In combat.jpg

…oh, there you are! o.O


Lol. Yes, I may stray, but I never go far. Missed you guys. Heh.

My gaming schedule is improving although it is still much less than comfortable.


Glad to see you back! <3

Dagget Burmese

Nice view of Midgardsomr and the Crystal Tower in FFXIV:

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My tendency to reroll characters does mean that my most played has had a relatively short life so far, but since my latest (and likely last) reboot of my rosters the character I’ve played most is also the one that, overall, I’ve played longest.

Croft has been exploring the wastelands of Fallen Earth since launch. Rerolled a few times over the years, but being a clone I guess that’s in character.

FE 3.jpg
Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

Here is another AIR shot. The beta version I am playing closes down on Monday and there is no good info on when the next version (that I could get my hands on) will be up.

Want to know what it is like without all the hassle -steampunk BDO with air combat. Kinda replace the black spirit guy with a cute magical bunny that lives in tree and will shoot you back in time though….and no entire open PVP that I have seen.


This is where I first rested….


…and this is where I first ventured.


But you try and tell the young people today that… and they won’t believe ya’.


I know those places ;)! I still park my butt by that chair when I need to AFK during egg hunts :)

Hikari Kenzaki

Thank you again for the feature. That really is one of the best moments in new Secret World Legends.

As for the challenge “For this week’s screenshot challenge, share with us the MMO character that you’ve played for the longest overall time — and tell us a bit about your history with that character!”

By the gods, Justin, what have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!!

I would think it’s obvious who I’m going to post, but it’s going to take more time than I have this morning. Will post later today.

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Oooh thank you for showing my picture. Um I might be a few or 15 … ok 20 characters on from that one now. This is one of the two characters I have over level 20 so far.

The one thing I try to do is create a bit of a back story with my character, so meet Sister Celosia who made a deal she probably should have thought about a little more:

Back story
So here’s the thing if you are going to make a deal with the devil, then DONT! Yeah roll your eyes all you want but if you really do insist on making a deal then for goodness sake read the small print every last bit of it, twice.

Life doesn’t always lead you where you expect, for reasons I won’t go into I was in a bad place. It was at that point I was approached by The Devil, well actually it was a sharp looking man in a suit but it was The Big D himself.

Now this is where I should have paid more attention because I asked him to make me hot, I was thinking super model hot. Guess he got a good laugh out of giving me the whole wings, tail, horns and on fire bit. Scared the heck out of my cat I can tell you.

While my appearance changed The Devil can’t change your heart deep down its going to shine with its true nature. So while I do look all sorts of scary and may set your curtains on fire if I get distracted I do try to make the best of it and help folks where I can.

Celosia means the burning flame btw.

I do have a naming convention for all my heroes they will either be a Sister or a Brother. Helps if you really want a popular name for one of your heroes.

Sister Celosia just found a big shiny portal so I am sure nothing bad will come from clicking that, it will be an adventure right?