The Daily Grind: Do you have a favorite MMO PvP moment?

Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

There was a fun thread on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit a while back that really made me miss solid MMORPG PvP. A player posted up footage of his small breakaway crew setting up siege weapons on top of a cliff overlooking an objective; when the massive zerg came through, the handful of them spent several minutes laying absolute waste to them, one plink plink at a time, while the victims below run around confusedly. It’s hilarious.

Six years ago some friends and I ambushed a huge zerg in the edge of the mists with 5 arrow carts. Just remembered the video and thought I’d share it. Today I mostly play alone an really miss those moments. from Guildwars2

I have some memories like this burned into my memory too. The first time I solo-killed a famous player-killer in Ultima Online and cut off his head, shocked that I had actually done it. That time an Imp got cute with his AT-RT in Star Wars Galaxies and didn’t realize we were all about to unflag to own him and his overpowered toy. Enjoying the thrill of travel powers in City of Heroes PvP zones (yeah, that existed and we did that!). The joy of taking a node just at the right time in World of Warcraft’s old-school battlegrounds. Using my Ironbreaker to knock people off bridges in Warhammer (never got old). Firing down from atop a lightly help keep in Dark Age of Camelot and seeing the baddies rush up like in The Two Towers, which hadn’t released yet. So many good memories to outweigh all the bad ones.

Do you have a favorite MMO PvP moment?

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