The Daily Grind: Do you have a favorite MMO PvP moment?

Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

There was a fun thread on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit a while back that really made me miss solid MMORPG PvP. A player posted up footage of his small breakaway crew setting up siege weapons on top of a cliff overlooking an objective; when the massive zerg came through, the handful of them spent several minutes laying absolute waste to them, one plink plink at a time, while the victims below run around confusedly. It’s hilarious.

Six years ago some friends and I ambushed a huge zerg in the edge of the mists with 5 arrow carts. Just remembered the video and thought I’d share it. Today I mostly play alone an really miss those moments. from Guildwars2

I have some memories like this burned into my memory too. The first time I solo-killed a famous player-killer in Ultima Online and cut off his head, shocked that I had actually done it. That time an Imp got cute with his AT-RT in Star Wars Galaxies and didn’t realize we were all about to unflag to own him and his overpowered toy. Enjoying the thrill of travel powers in City of Heroes PvP zones (yeah, that existed and we did that!). The joy of taking a node just at the right time in World of Warcraft’s old-school battlegrounds. Using my Ironbreaker to knock people off bridges in Warhammer (never got old). Firing down from atop a lightly help keep in Dark Age of Camelot and seeing the baddies rush up like in The Two Towers, which hadn’t released yet. So many good memories to outweigh all the bad ones.

Do you have a favorite MMO PvP moment?

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Dean Greenhoe

For me the most memorable moments were the relic keep battles in DAOC. PvP with a reason and purpose.


In a MMO? Not really. Since I dislike the kind of PvP offered by MMOs I tend to not really enjoy even otherwise memorable PvP moments.

In other games? My most memorable PvP moment was in 1997. Carmaggeddon had been recently released, and better of all, up to 6 players could play the multiplayer modes with just one copy of the game, so it was a hit during lan parties.

In one of the matches I got into an one-on-one duel with a friend; I had the Solid Granite power-up, that friend got the Invulnerability power-up in the nick of time to avoid getting crushed. We were still going at it when another player, seeing that we were both damaged, thought we would be easy pickings and literally got in the middle of our fight — just as we veered into one another at full speed. I never saw a car get wasted that fast.

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Brazen Bondar

I have only one PvP story. During an event in TSW players had to kill I think eight golems, maybe nine…Each golem dropped a small version of itself. If you and other players assembled all of them in order in Agartha, the baby golems would do a dance. One of them was in a PvP zone so I was forced to go in there because I wanted to participate in the lag filled fest to kill that golem. Of course you had to join a group to get in there. Many players joined groups and then left as soon as the golem was killed. I didn’t think that was right, because the people who were actually PvPing still needed their groups. After I got my drop I stayed in and try to help capture whatever the heck we were capturing. I ended up getting that first achievement for kills. As soon as I saw the zerg had petered out, I got the heck out of there, never to return again.


Many players joined groups and then left as soon as the golem was killed.

Which is why trying to use rewards to attract players into PvP is often a very bad idea. Yeah, this attracts people — but for the most part those people only want the reward, and don’t care at all if in trying to get the reward they ruin the fun for the players who are trying to engage in PvP.

In any multiplayer game mode you want players to be there for the gameplay first, because otherwise not only those players won’t have fun, they will often ruin the fun for the players that were there for the gameplay.

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Rees Racer

Southshore/Tarren Mill 2005 (not the more recent Battleground reiteration).

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Schlag Sweetleaf


bilbo t. baggins.gif

…Mr. Schlag memes PvP though. o.O


Aion. Somewhere early 4.0 ish. Running around in Beluslan on my (very) overgeared level 50 chanter (level 50 elite gear at +15, level 40 composite manastones,+15 triroan staff) jumping on anyone of my level range (or higher — no sport in killing lowbies).

Somewhere in the southwest of the map in the mammoth graveyard I encounter this level 65 (!!) gladiator. 3-star officer, gear inspect reveals level 65 token pvp gear and weapons (“Blood Mark gear”)- not the best but certainly better than what I’m wearing (yes even with all my upgrades)- and the level difference alone will make him a tough target.
Figuring I have nothing to lose I decide to go for him, and from the moment I engage him it’s clear this guy either hasn’t got a clue how to play against another player, or can’t handle his class and gear. A reasonably skilled/prepared player would have smeared me over the landscape in ~10 seconds; instead I’m kiting this guy around the area, using gliding to escape his pressure and, then fighting back up the ramp to the top of the graveyard to repeat … of course i’m getting plenty of misses (15 levels difference, using an extend staff which doesn’t really have the accuracy bonuses either) but I’m slowly chipping away at him. And he’s not running either. He just keeps engaging me, keeps trying to immobilize me (using a skill that’s easy to counter, but that was new at the time and not very well documented) and I just keep dancing around him …. until finally, 8 minutes later he dies. I’m midway between stunned that I won, laughing my ass off that I won a fight I should have lost nearly instantly, puzzled why he kept fighting and wouldn’t even disengage and run for guards … and bemused what kind of player it would take for this to have happened. Regardless, it was an interesting experience in the end!

Jon Wax

On PlanetSide one cold night, we took 2 of the big planes and parked em nose to nose, with scattered ammo and rep sundies around, for aa and ap guns, in front of enemy warp gate.

Stopped air from support. Drew more and more focus. Team players start spawning on our fob and enemy focus intensifies.

1 hour of pure beauty


My favourite memory is from LotRO, shadows of angmar era.

The delving of fror had just been released. This was the PvPvE dungeon that sits underneath the ettenmoors. Whoever controls the moors gained access to the dungeon, so it was mostly PvE, but you’d still run into the enemy and have some good fights.

Anyway, I decided to run a guild event in this new dungeon. We went there with 9 of us, only about half of which were PvPers. We wanted to explore the new dungeon and farm any loot we could find as the loot was the same as a raid set and some of the bosses were raid style bosses.

Once we reached the centre of the map, we were farming some big lizards near some lava when a creep guild comes along and decides its time for a fight. The creep guild was the best on our server and they outnumbered us. And we had NPCs on us. But, at that time, freeps were slightly overpowered, so it was a roughly even fight.

The fight lasted a good 15 minutes! We kept on going back and forth, killing off NPCs, having them respawn, killing the creeps, having them get rezzed. It was really epic. They may have been the better PvPers, but we were all raiders and used to supporting one another, plus we had much larger tool boxes (i.e. more skills) to give us more options.

It was truly a war of attrition, so closely fought the whole way through. In the end, we won! We had two people left standing, myself and our tank, but no rezzes left so we all had to respawn anyway. I mainly just loved the length of the fight, it was great fighting some really good PvPers and having the time to actually analyse what they’re doing and figure out counters. For the friends I’d brought with me, this was a totally new experience for them and they loved it, that feeling of achievement when “our group” beat “their group” was as good as any raid boss.

If they’d had one more person, or we one less, the fight would have gone a different way. But it was so close the whole way through! Just brilliant. Haven’t found that experience outside of lotro, as everywhere else just has too short TTK or too shallow combat mechanics.


This is probably not “real pvp”, but for a mmo this is the only pvp I ever enjoyed so..
Had a fully pvp geared protection warrior in WoW, not terribly much damage but could stay alive for a long time.
Played that big map (Alterac? forgot the name), and rushed the end camp alone (which I often did to make a mess of their defenses), 4 rogues spot me thinking I was easy prey.
So they do their stun-lock thing and yeah I was stunned a lot, but they can’t really do damage to me, and every time I am free of the stun I charge one of the others and take him down to half so he has to run. This goes on for like 10 minutes, until the 4 of them just gave up and attacked the others of my faction who had finally fought their way there… with a little more backup it was easy to track them down one by one and kill them a few times before victory.
I don’t know why this was fun, it shouldn’t be .. but it was.
That protection warrior in full pvp gear… so much damage mitigation.
Eventually I stopped pvp because, to me there is no point if there is no reward, and I got all the pvp gear that was possible to buy.


I also don’t PvP much as readers might tell. But the not much times I’ve did, there where a few stories to tell. I’ll start with the first one I can recall…

…when someone was showing the pigtails the ropes back in the Vanilla day. ‘Twas Warsong Gulch where I Sheep’d an unwitting Tauren Hunter’s pet, who came back over the hill to see why his pet wasn’t following him. To this day a pair of his smoldering boots still stands as a result of a well placed Pyroblast I lodge his way. /flexes said pigtails

(On a personal note, I still feel sorry for the Tauren in question over this somehow. :( )