NCsoft Q3 2022: Lineage W drives QoQ revenues, Guild Wars 2 had a great year


NCsoft’s Q3 2022 financials are another tale of ups and downs. While the South Korean MMO company’s revenues have declined for the last few quarters, Q3 is up significantly – 21% – when compared to Q3 of last year, largely thanks to the popularity of Lineage W, which rolled out at the tail end of last year (and caused that big bump in Q4).

NCsoft’s next big thing, of course, is also in the Lineage franchise, or at least it used to be: The game once known as Lineage III and Lineage Eternal has been retooled into Throne and Liberty and has suffered repeated delays; NCsoft told investors it’s currently aiming for a launch in the first half of next year.

As for the company’s current games, mobile is still king, with Lineage M, Lineage 2M, and Blade & Soul 2 making up the rest of the pie after Lineage W (B&S2’s revenue, however, is barely a sliver of the rest and has only declined all year). In the land of PC MMOs, revenues are relatively flat; Guild Wars 2 has been riding high all year thanks to End of Dragons and is up 22% compared to Q3 2021, even after declining slightly since the Q2 peak. Again, we’re keeping an eye on original flavor Blade & Soul, which has continued its slow decline throughout 2022.

Source: NCsoft
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