Massively OP Podcast Episode 111: Secret World’s Destiny

Justin goes away to Disney for a week and the MMO world explodes with news, which is to be expected. From a controversial reboot to a controversial superhero return to a controversial patch, there’s no shortage of ruffled feathers and quirked eyebrows at this past week’s news roundup!

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Great show. In regards to the mail question concerning the mentor system, I was very surprised you did not bring up Allods. I know that it doesn’t have the largest population, but it’s still active and has a very good mentor system, where there are even mentor/appentice rewards and mentor/apprentice missions.


Was the e-mail discussion about the target audience for SWL naturally cut off there or was there an editing mistake? It sounded like you two were going to talk about it more but then you changed topics quickly. It’s around the 34 minute mark.

I was one of those making the analogy of SWL to FFXIV’s reboot. Ah the joyous pitfall of making an analogy. I swear every time I go down the route of making one, I soon regret it. They always derail a conversation from a point I wanted to make.
I’m not griping about your response either Bree. You’re right that it’s not an apt one-to-one comparison.
I’m still hopeful for SWL, but I am nervous about it succeeding or not.

Bree mirrored my feelings about WoW’s scaling changes. I had the same response to some of the initial flying mount restrictions. I personally like both of those changes for MMO gaming, but I realize they’re not good decisions for what WoW is at this point in time.

Also, insert comic here of Justin pressing a button to have Bree dragged offstage by a shepherd’s crook. :)

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Justin summed up my thoughts about the TSW/SWL thing fairly well overall. I’m currently at a place where I’m willing to reserve judgement on the changes until I can see them for myself, but I’m really cringing about having to start all over again. And I actually had been contemplating playing through it all again with one of my alts. Still, it’s one thing if I decide I want to play through again from the beginning, and quite another if I’m forced to. I will do it, but I’m not going to be all that happy about it.


I am not an active secret world player, but i always wanted to go back. I always felt like i had time, but after the new announcements, i am not sure. I do not want to try the new game to only have things jerked out from underneath me in the future. I do not think i am the only person thinking this right now.


Current MMO news: Dogs and Cats living together. Mass hysteria. (fun episode despite all the weirdness going on seemingly all over the MMO world)

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For Josh and his question: I would suggest a look at Life is Feudal, as it has teaching similar to the way that Bree talked about in Star Wars Galaxies.

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Yay, more commute content!


Actually, the entire team wasn’t pulled off to work on Conan Exiles. The NC team has been working on SWL over the past year, which is why beta started immediately after the relaunch announcement. I believe it was the Oslo team that worked on CE.


Why Are you even surprised at anything arenanet does. We won’t launch a expansion , oh surprise!!!! we won’t do a new class, SURPRISEE