Global Chat: Getting an early look at Crowfall’s beta


Now that Crowfall’s beta is on the scene, plenty of curious gamers are streaming in to see what ArtCraft’s ambitious PvP title has to offer. Among those looky-loos is Stargrace at Nomadic Gamers, who found herself “pleasantly surprised” at what the initially encountered.

“It has been MANY years since I delved into a new-to-me traditional MMO,” Stargrace wrote. “There have been multiplayer games like ECO, sure, but my last new MMO I’m pretty sure was ArcheAge. Nothing else has grabbed me, and I’ve been rambling through older MMOs for 15+ years.”

Read on for even more MMO essays, including early impressions of EVE Echoes, LOTRO fashion, raid communication, and more!

SparkoMarcoGaming: Trying EVE Echoes

“One major problem I have noticed already though is that my battery is going down fast and the phone is getting hot, its gone down about 20% in 10 minutes, I’ve tried playing while on my wireless charger but it keeps stopping and starting for whatever reason, I’ll have to dig out my wire charger and see if I can play using that otherwise I won’t get much of a gaming session in if it eats battery that quick.”

Cosmetic LOTRO: Summer Night

“In terms of cosmetic content, I feel really spoiled this summer and even though the game goes through ups and downs, overall I am happy to still be part of LOTRO. It is a beautiful world and I am grateful that beautiful new content is still being made, especially in the cosmetics department.”

Digital Visceral: World of Warcraft dailies, dailies, dailies

“For me, dailies are also enjoyable because they stimulate my inner ‘speedrunner.’ There’s something compelling about logging in, checking which world quests are available, and planning a route for the fastest completion. Doing dailies also means I don’t have to commit to a longer play session, which is often demanded by lengthier excursions like dungeons and raids.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob: The long road to the Sunken Temple

“Following is easier said than done. The Devilsaur stomps around at a brisk pace and pays no mind to all the other aggro mobs in the vicinity, so we were weaving around trying to keep on eye on him and the other on potential dangers. Also, he isn’t restricted to a small area. According to the wiki he can wander in a large U-shaped area that spans most of the zone. So we kept on him.”

World of Matticus: Right and wrong ways to communicate in raids

“Discord (or whatever voice comms you use) needs to be kept clear. A player might get stuck with corruption and need a grip out. Perhaps they’ve been afflicted with some type of crippling debuff that needs to be dispelled off. Maybe they got revived in mid combat and need quick buffs. If that’s you, keep it short and keep it succinct.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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