Global Chat: Going back to EverQuest Online Adventures


While so many EverQuest fans are eagerly awaiting word of the next entry in the legendary franchise, at least one player is going back in time to a long-dead entry: EverQuest Online Adventures. Thanks to the Project: Return Home rogue server, Chasing Dings was able to re-experience a long-lost love.

“It’s really astonishing what they’ve managed to accomplish, but even with all the work they’ve done, it’s still pretty far from where the game was when it was live,” Chasing Dings noted. “I don’t know if Project: Return Home will ever become truly playable, but if you are missing Tunaria, or just want to stroll through a version of Norrath you may not have seen before, give it a shot.”

Contains Moderate Peril sorted out all of Star Trek Online’s story arcs to put them in chronological order: “The central storylines are now somewhat confused. This is because several missions have been removed from the game and several story arcs have been consolidated. Cryptic have stated that some of these missing missions will be remastered and returned at some point, although as time passes, this becomes less likely.”

Gnomecore feels that leveling an alt job in FFXIV is not unlike leveling alts in World of Warcraft, saying, “And so, the alt class/job leveling is as follows: chain-queue to dungeons and do FATEs while waiting to speed things up a bit and not be idle. In WoW, it’s absolutely the same, with the only replacement of doing yellow quest hubs instead of FATEs in zones of choice.”

Many Welps is chasing goals in Warframe: “I’ve been playing Warframe for a good month an a half now with no stopping in sight. In fact, it’s the only game I’ve been playing over that time period. I’m still a bit surprised how much it’s grabbed me but I think it’s come down to two things: My friends are still playing it and I can consistantly find new goals to work towards.”

Rise, rise, rise.

Dragonchasers has a love/hate thing going on with FFXIV: “I actually think FFXIV is a wonderful game. I love the world’s aesthetics. I love how the characters talk. I love walking through cities and watching the crowds of players interacting. I just don’t really enjoy actually PLAYING, and spending $15/month just to sight-see is a little steep for me these days.”

Tales of the Aggronaut has a few thoughts on WoW Patch 9.1.5, saying, “However, 9.1.5 is shaping up to be this make-or-break moment for the game, with the devs seemingly dumping everything that players said they wanted into the game… This feels in so many ways like a lover in a toxic relationship asking you what they can do to keep you from leaving them.” (We already concur!)

And Ancient Gaming Noob shared a few reactions to EverQuest II’s latest expansion announcement: “I find it a bit amusing that EverQuest has had two nautical themed expansions already while I’m pretty sure this is the first for the younger game, but EQ has an advantage in years. (Though you could argue that the original starter zone was something of a nautical adventure.)”

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