The MOP Up: Google Stadia looms nigh


Are you ready for Google’s attempt at cloud-based video gaming? Mixed feelings or not, Google Stadia is going to start its rollout next month with its premium service (the basic, free version is coming in 2020). Google Stadia Pro — a subscription service — will launch on November 19th for those who have purchased a founder’s edition or premiere edition. Games such as Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny 2 will be playable through this platform.

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

“In the November SMITE Update, we will be doing something never before seen in SMITE:
We will be reverting the design changes that reworked Freya’s abilities.” Dun dun DUNNNN.

Reader Panagiotis let us know that space MMO Star Sonata 2 is fast-tracking a revamp to its “Shield Monkey” healing and protection system.

“Want the heart of British royalty compacted into one spring-loaded bundle of vintage style?” asked Grand Theft Auto Online. “Presenting the Weeny Dynasty, the latest installment in 50 years of proof that size doesn’t matter if you know how to ride.”

Want to transfer your character in Diablo III? Blizzard is just about ready to start testing this feature.

Atlas’ latest update aimed to fix a number of Xbox One issues, with a PC patch to follow.

Otherland is working on a patch to patch the patch. Seriously.

Lineage 2 Mobile has started to take character reservations in South Korea, but a launch date has not yet been set.

Season 5 of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is coming, and you can get the direct scoop from the developers about what it contains:

Italian cruisers sailed into World of Warships’ port, hopefully with tons of pizza:

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