World of Warcraft: Eternity’s End is live today


Well, let’s see how Shadowlands is going to wrap up, huh? World of Warcraft is receiving its second and final major patch for the expansion today as Eternity’s End goes live, meaning the new zone of Zereth Mortis, a new raid that will lead to a confrontation with the Jailer, new power to pursue with the Cipher of the First Ones, and new item upgrades with the game’s newest tier set and various raid upgrades. It’s a WoW patch; you’ve probably been hearing about exactly what it’s going to contain from PTR posts for months now.

Players who haven’t been following along with the test realm, though, can still peruse the official dispatch on everything within the patch, as well as check out the video-format survival guide ahead of jumping into the game and trying it out for themselves. It’s meant to be a big conclusion to both the expansion and a whole lot of storytelling in the past; experience will show how well it puts paid to that notion.

Here we go… live in North America now.

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