The MOP Up: TERA opens SEA server and delivers Deathwrack to consoles


It was a pretty big week for action combat MMO TERA, starting with the delivery of the four-dungeon Deathwrack update to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Customizable skill chains, guild vs. guild battles, and class updates were also a part of this sizable patch!

In addition to that, reader Mel tipped us that TERA just launched a Southeast Asia event server and is handing out gobs of login and play rewards to those comign to the party.

This is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have, drop us a tip)!

The FrostSpark Collection adds 11 new cards to Elder Scrolls Legends: “These featured cards augment a wide variety of deck archetypes that’s sure to appeal to all kinds of players. Are you a fan of Orcs? There’s a new recruit you may enjoy. A control player hoping to draw a handful of cards late in the game? We’ve got you covered!”

Improbable is taking the next step with its SpatialOS by offering a free game development kit that will operate hand-in-hand with Unreal Engine.

A small open beta patch may have ended Dauntless’ Halloween event, but purple portals remain to spit out foe after foe…

Scifi sandbox Prosperous Universe just tripled the size of its material tree and is preparing a teaser trailer for your edification!

Feast your ear-holes on these new Guild Wars 2 playlists:

Speaking of music, Pokemon-wannabe TemTem is demoing some of its OST:

Earthfall’s Invasion update adds titular events as well as a new player progression system:



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Funnily enough, I just downloaded TERA again through Steam. I used to play it years ago and had a few good characters, but my old login details don’t work anymore so I started fresh. I have to say, I’m really enjoying it again! Much easier to get back into than my other favourite Korean game, Archeage, and still looks great!

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Jack Pipsam

I’ve been looking at the new SEA server for TERA with great interest.
From what I gathered, it’s being hosted in Thailand by Playwith. If the TERA forums are correct, then this will be the seventh version of TERA published globally.

The server is naturally focused on South East Asian countries, but I found in an interview that they have no plans for region locking and are open to anyone, which is why I’m interested as hypothetically I might get far better ping with them than I do on the En Masse servers.

The game seems to be available in English as well (English VO expected to drop soon), I’ve noticed on Reddit that there seems to be a few NA/Euro players interested in trying it as a kind of fresh-start server or maybe they’re just sick of En Masse (although I don’t know how Playwith would be any better considering En Masse is actually part of Bluehole).

It was a surprise to many that a new version of TERA was launching, but it’s interesting.