One Shots: Officially Sanctioned Sunday Afternoon Nap Hour




Do not, under any circumstances, make a sound during Officially Sanctioned Sunday Afternoon Nap Hour. Some of us take it very, very seriously and mark this weekly event in any game that he or she plays. Hikari is already snoozing with a bunny in MapleStory 2, and if that’s not the cutest thing ever, then you are probably the owner of a puppy store.

So cuddle up with the rest of us and go to sleep. It is the law.

Utakata ventured forth into the upcoming patch for World of Warcraft and found Mr. Smiley here: “This is for the next Heart of Azeroth upgrade quest. My characters where taken to this big ass instance which I suspect was likely used as raid encounter in its previous itinerary. So the subject of my shots decided to take poke around a bit whilst she was that. I believe it’s inside (or under) that big honking pyramid in the middle of Nazmir.”

Tear any horrifying rips in the fabric of space and time this week? Superglue and duct tape isn’t going to patch that up, mister. You need to get some Final Fantasy XIV warriors to, I dunno, fix it with light and fashion and Moogle paste.

“I was happy that we finally went back and cleared Savage Deltascape so I could see the transition up close and personal,” Vincent said before his eyeballs melted from witnessing things no mortal should ever behold.

“I was in the main crafting hall LOTRO’s Bree, interacting with the auctioneer,” Blunte sent in. “When I turned just right, there was no reflection on the back of my helm and I saw a face staring back at me. It is a sharply oval head, two eyes, long nose, open slit mouth. And it might have a pointy hat on it, along with some type of obelisk symbol at the bottom. It was just something I never expected to see. It is the Expeditionary Helm that I use for cosmetic purposes. Just something weird I wanted to share.”

And speaking of nap time, Skoryy is already ahead of the rest of you by getting some precious Zzz time in Guild Wars 2’s Amnoon. Probably dreaming about all of the amazing screenshots that will be posted this week!

Have you taken any great screenshots this past week and would like to be featured in this column? Post them in the comments below along with the name of the game and a story or some thoughts about your marvelous photograph!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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