Steam’s top sellers of 2019 include several MMORPGs and MMOs


Steam’s top sellers list for 2019 is out, and sitting prominently among the big money makers for the digital storefront are a number of MMORPGs, MMOs, and large-scale multiplayer titles. Whether this information is a useful barometer of the genre’s health, a fun bit of trivia to stuff into your skull for later retrieval, or a totally useless talking point is up for the comments section to mull over (or maybe our Daily Grind).

Among the platinum tier sellers are The Elder Scrolls Online, Warframe, Dota 2, Destiny 2, and PUBG, while Final Fantasy XIV and Path of Exile sit comfortably at the Gold section and games like Black Desert, ARK, and War Thunder round out the Silver section. There are some multiplayer titles hanging out in the Bronze section as well, such as World of Warships, No Man’s Sky, Paladins, and Smite.

The most simultaneous players section also provides some interesting insight into the MMO and multiplayer habits of Steam users. Destiny 2, Dota 2, and Path of Exile are listed among titles with over 100k simultaneous players; No Man’s Sky and ARK are hanging out in the 50k-plus players club; and FFXIV, Paladins, and World of Tanks: Blitz are in the over 25k players section. Overall, it was a pretty good year for our part of the gaming world.

source: Steam
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